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Diamond dad on hand to deliver baby Ruby

Reporter: Dawn Marsden
Date online: 04 December 2013

WHEN Josie Broadbent’s realised her baby was on the way almost three weeks early, she thought she had plenty of time to get to hospital before baby arrived.

But little Ruby had other ideas — and was born only 40 minutes later following a dramatic delivery by her quick-thinking dad, Tom Hamnett.

Josie (22), of Littlemoor Lane, Watersheddings, phoned an ambulance at 6.45am - but realising the baby was on the way, staff passed instructions to Tom over the phone.

“He was absolutely brilliant and stayed really calm even though I was screaming my head off. I am so proud of him,” said Josie. “The cord was wrapped around Ruby’s neck so the paramedics explained what to do over the phone. It was a really traumatic few minutes.”

An ambulance arrived shortly after Ruby’s birth at 7.10am and a midwife came soon after to give Josie and her new 6lb 9oz baby the once-over.

Tom (21) said: “I didn’t really think about what I was doing and adrenaline took over.

“I don’t think we’ll have any more kids now. I have four sisters and a niece and now I’ve got two daughters so I feel a bit outnumbered. But it’s lovely having two girls!”


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