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Paraglider crash inquest

Date published: 04 December 2013

A PARAGLIDER was killed after crashing on to rocks at Buckstones Edge near Saddleworth on November 10 last year, an inquest heard.

Kenneth Ebbrell, a deep-sea diver and experienced paraglider from Bury, was estimated to be between 50ft and 100ft high when he appeared to get into difficulties, the jury at Bradford Coroner’s Court heard.

The 54 year old was seen from the ground by Keith Quinney, a hang glider, who described the paraglider spinning around and going into a spiral dive. Mr Ebbrell was found conscious on the rocks but died shortly afterwards.

An investigation by Mark Dale of the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association confirmed Buckstones Edge is “definitely not for the novice”. The site warns of turbulence in windy conditions.

Pathologist Alan Padwell found fractures to the elbow, pelvis and ribs as well as an “unstable flail chest” which would have prevented breathing.

Dr Padwell also discovered that Mr Ebbrell had heart problems and said he couldn’t rule out a heart attack.

The hearing continues today


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