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Local fears spark drugs den raid

Date online: 04 December 2013

POLICE have raided a suspected crack house after residents’ complaints.

Yesterday, Oldham Magistrates’ Court granted a police and First Choice Homes Oldham request to serve notice on the property under the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003. Officials and police then immediately went to the flat, number 31 Julian House, Henshaw Street,  to see the tenants evicted and five people arrested for theft and drug offences.

The closure order is effective for three months: anyone who enters the property in that time is committing an offence.

Sergeant Trevor Harrison, from Oldham Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Residents had been making complaints to police and First Choice Homes about the high levels of disorder and reports of drug dealing at the address.

“I hope this closure will now give respite from the anti-social behaviour.”

Dave Smith of First Choice, said: “We believe all our 25,000 customers in Oldham have a right to live in a peaceful, clean and safe environment. It is only through partnership working with local police that direct action can be taken to improve our neighbourhoods.”


Those arrested and evicted should never be offered a tenancy in this town again either by first choice or any other housing organisation. This, of course, won't happen but it should.


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