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Council to look at Uppermill school proposals

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 05 December 2013

PLANS showing how Saddleworth’s new secondary school will fit on the mostly unusable football pitch on the current Uppermill site are being considered by Oldham Council and the Education Funding Authority.

The Save Diggle Action Group believes the proposal to choose Diggle over Uppermill may have been based on the controversial Building Schools for the Future design from five years ago - rather than the new, cheaper EFA design.

Parish Councillor Mike Buckley, of the SDAG group, said: “Plans have been professionally drawn up and costed. We are confident, with all the potential extra expense involved in building in Diggle, rather than using the existing infrastructure in Uppermill, our proposals will be less costly.

“A new school can be built in Uppermill entirely within the proposed budget of £17 million, if the political and local will exists.”

Proposals are identical in size and form and offer equivalent and even better facilities than those of the Diggle plans.

The new plan recognises the all-weather pitch and outdoor courts in Uppermill can be retained. Further savings may be made by refurbishing the existing sports hall.

The group claims disruption would be minimised by the temporary relocation of six classrooms elsewhere on site to allow building access.


well at least the council say's they are taking this into consideration.

if they look at the proposals and compare them with their own figures for the diggle site they may actually be suprised on the savings that can be made if they retain the existing site at uppermill.

all without the upset to local residents and businesses and at the same time providing suitable and fit for purpose accomodation for saddleworths childrens future education.

Amazing what you can do when you design it right , now there is no need to destroy Diggle or lose the trade that Uppermill shops get from the schoolkids .

"no need to destroy Diggle ?

Diggle was destroyed years ago by all the "executive " houses for the rich non locals

When will OMBC accept that the access to the proposed Diggle site is totally unsuitable. Huddersfield Road is too narrow.
Pedestrian access via Wool Road and under Saddleworth Viaduct is downright dangerous.Numerous children will be within the 'no free transport' zone and will have to either walk or be taken by parents in their cars, so even more traffic on unsuitable roads. Build the new school on the present site PLEASE.

Come on Wiggins get your plans in now for hundreds of houses on the Diggle site. Make them 5 & 6 bedrooms so they can have big families living in Diggle. they will then have to find another site for a larger school as the children will have to go to school in the area. O dear where will that be built? Get real Diggle people do you think you are a superior race?

The battle lines are drawn, the NIMBY's of Diggle (I am a long standing Diggle resident) versus the self interests of the businesses of Uppermill and of Building developers. Sadly, all have lost the point. The priority should be the SCHOOL. It is not. The people with the loudest voices here have self interest at the heart of their argument.This cannot be right and therefore does not provide this issue with the credibility that it deserves. An intelligent debate is required without self interest.

@moondog--so who would you ban with self interests from this intelligent debate?

effteeuk - Nobody mentioned anything about banning anyone. That would not be an intelligent approach to this.
Self interest should not dominate this debate. Thus far it is playing a key role.


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