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Bus services improve

Date published: 05 December 2013

BUS service frequencies are being increased across Oldham and Saddleworth from the New Year.

Saddleworth residents are celebrating a successful campaign to have the 180 service to Greenfield double in frequency from hourly to half-hourly, Monday to Saturday during the day from January 28.

Other improvements include the 184 Uppermill-to-Manchester service, which will remain at three buses an hour but at better-spaced intervals. The Sunday service will be increased during shopping hours from one to three buses an hour. There will also be extra 180 and 184 services mid-evening to cater for evening shoppers and additional early journeys on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Campaigners for improvements to the Saddleworth services have broadly welcomed the changes

Elsewhere, the 425 Holts and Fitton Hill service will increase in frequency at off peak times from every 12 minutes to every 10 minutes.

The 83 Sholver service will have faster journey times and additional early Sunday morning journeys introduced, while the 408 Buckstones-to-Stalybridge service will be retimed at peak times to improve timekeeping.

First are also considering other issues raised at a Saddleworth and Lees consultation event for possible implementation in April, 2014.


good to see the requests by diggle residents to extend the 184 uppermill service to finish at diggle was totally ignored.

Patience, fedupO, patience. Wait till it's got the school.

@fedupoldhamer - following your constant points on the poor traffic access to Diggle for the proposed new school I am not surprised a bus is not going there. The way you describe it would suggest there are only single lane cart tracks to and from Diggle. How would a bus ever have a chance of getting to such a remote and isolated place???

408 being retimed? It needs a miracle. Weary waiting passengers at the Rochdale Road, Shaw,stop opposite Hedley Jacksons are often let down by the returning bus diverting down the Crompton by-pass on its way back to Oldham. This in full view of the waiting passengers. First don't give a damn about their passengers.

It would be nice to have some extra buses on the old 183 route now serviced by the 350.
Especially at the weekend when they are once an hour.

well bramble!
if diggle had better public transport maybe more residents would use the services.

but due to the poor frequency most still have to rely on the car to get by.
hence the traffic!

and as usual you use my comments totally out of context. never mentioned single track roads. bottle necks on main roads more like.

considering you say you live in saddleworth your certainly dont know diggle very well do you!

an extra bus an hour isnt going to be bad. but 12 buses at peak times will be!

@fedupoldhamer - I was being sarcastic. Unfortunately I don't have time to research in depth knowledge of every Saddleworth village like your good self


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