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Getting the needle

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 05 December 2013

A brightly-painted bus parked in a leafy lay-by has been condemned as an eyesore by conservationists.

The single-decker’s mobile tattoo parlour slogan has upset Greenfield StreetScene campaigners.

The bus created a furore when it appeared more than a week ago: “It’s unbelievable. It just sets such an awful tone. What an advert for Greenfield,.” said one resident.

Mike Rooke, secretary of Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents’ Association, said: “This bus gives a totally false and tatty impression of our community at the entrance to the village.”

But those against the sign might not get much official support: police said the matter is nothing to do with them — and Oldham Council has declined to comment.


IF.... the bus is insured, taxed, MOT'd and not parked on double yellows then there is nothing the conservationists can do about it. Thats someones business, at least they are making an effort. I wish I was my own boss with a company bus........

A few months ago when a advertising van was parked near the roundabout on Chadderton Way the council had it moved because the owner of the van had not got planning permission for the advertisement?

I thought a bunch of hippies had abandoned it and left it to rot.

If it's taxes and insured there is nothing you can do about it,look for something else to moan about !

Who cares?. Have these people got nothing better to do with their lives than worry about a something of such low insignificance. I live in Greenfield and have got better things to do with my life than concern myself with this. Stop being so petty and pretentious.

Wouldn't like to lower the 'tone' of Greenfield would we ?

I can't help thinking that a small group of individuals use the GGRA as a vehicle to express their own personal views, rather than accurately representing the collective views of the community. Spot on ax102

Have the people of Greenfield really become so attracted by the tattooists art that there is sufficient business to sustain a mobile parlour?

I thought the stuck in the past Edwardian attitudes would look down on those 'common' enough to have a tattoo that no one would dare !


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