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Young ref spat at and abused

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 05 December 2013

AN amateur footballer vented his anger at being sent off by punching an opponent then abusing and spitting at a young female referee.

Seething Wilmslow Albion striker Adam Finney punched Uppermill FC’s goalkeeper before launching a tirade of obsceneties at referee Jess Lawson after she showed him a red card in the FTB Manchester League Division One match on Saturday. The match was abandoned.

The chaos erupted after Finney had reacted badly to a challenge from Uppermill centre back Matthew Moores and shoved him in the face.

But when 20-year-old referee Jess showed him a red card for violent conduct after 70 minutes, Finney lost control and punched Uppermill ’keeper Aaron Rowbottom.

It’s claimed Finney hurled a string of abuse at five-year ref Jess before spitting at her prompting her to abandon the game. Both teams left the pitch to allow the irate striker to calm down.

Uppermill manager Simon Tait said the incident had left a sour taste: “He felt he had been fouled but the referee played on. Then he saw the red mist. He completely lost the plot, punched our goalkeeper then took the referee aside, screamed at her and spat at her.

“In all my time in football I have never seen anything like that before. Wilmslow’s manager and players were very apologetic and embarrassed by his behaviour.”

University of Salford student Jess said: “I was really shocked when it happened, intimidated — I couldn’t believe it. Refereeing is something I would consider doing in the future. This won’t put me off.”

Wilmslow boss Geoff Thornton revealed Finney had been suspended from the club and condemned his behaviour.

The Cheshire FA is currently dealing with the incident.


Having played for 8 or so years in the Manchester Amateur League and various Sunday leagues I have never witnessed such appalling behaviour like from Adam Finney. He should be banned, would he have spat at the ref if she was a he and was also 6 foot tall and 4 foot wide. He and others like him make other people think to quit the game. Credit to Geoff Thornton for suspending him, now kick him out.

I hope this vile and cowardly attacker is prosecuted by the police. Just to leave it to Cheshire FA is not enough. This sort of behaviour requires the law to be enacted. And as for being 'suspended' from the club beggars belief, surely it warrants an immediate ban.

What wonderful sportsmanship. His parents must be so proud of their son and his gentlemanly behaviour.What joy he must bring them.

If he has punched someone and spat at the ref,why has the police not arrested him ???

What can you expect when these players see referees regularly get abused at pro level ?

Things will not change until those in charge of football start giving referees more backing instead of pandering to the so-called superstars of their sport.

Rugby League players, even at amateur level, would never dare abuse a referee in such a fashion as they know the severe consequences - and can you ever imagine a footballer calling a referee "Sir" as they do at Rugby ?

I suggest he is banned for life

This behaviour goes on all the time. The fact that the referee was female is probably nothing to do with it. Had it been a male referee it's unlikely the story would have appeared in the Chronicle.

Thou Dumber - I have a better idea. Make him go to train with Sadd Rangers or St Anne's for a month and then put him in a game one Saturday afternoon. See where his "red mist" takes him then, eh?

As an ex rl referee who was attacked by a player I have great feelings for Jess. The player concerned in my case was arrested by the police and taken to court and dealt with.
the local league banned him from playing for 10yrs and his club was banned from the competition for five years.He appealed to the national body who doubled his ban to 20yrs thus making sure he never played rugby again. Hope this guy gets the same sort of punishment.We can do without thugs in any sport.Carry on Jess I did.

sine die!!!


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