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Former public lav set for call of cafe nature

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 06 December 2013

A DERELICT toilet block could help flush fresh life into the fortunes of a Saddleworth village - by being converted into a cafe and information centre.

The run-down stone building, which doubles as a bus shelter, stands at a strategic spot near the Clarence on Manchester Road, close to Dovestone and other tourist attractions.

It has been acquired by a local man who has gained permission to turn the building into a cafe with outdoor seating, an information centre and public toilet.

The building is one of three disused WCs across Saddleworth put up for sale.

Darrell Tarkenter and his mother Kath, of the Clarence Hotel, were for the plan.

Daniel said: “Anything good for Greenfield has got to be good for business. More business means more opportunity for people who live here — and for visitors who come to Dovestone and the moors.”

Ward councillor John McCann said: “This seems an innovative use for some old toilets that would otherwise become derelict and an eyesore.”

There is also believed to be interest in the other Greenfield toilet block, at Wharmton View, built in 1938. A planning application for a change of use is thought to be in preparation..

Oldham Council will rule on the Greenfield toilet plan at a forthcoming planning meeting.


Brilliant ! Oldham's best regeneration project ever !
Thee new Cafe needs a good name - & let's have an Allo Allo themed Grand Opening?
Rovers Return - eat your hearts out !

'Bide a Wee' great name for the new caff

As Kenn sent me a link to this, I'll comment.
A) I'm surprised the facility hasn't been knocked down years ago.
B) As it hasn't, finding a use isn't unreasonable.
C) I doubt its financial viability.
D) None the less, good luck to the man.


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