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In-depth Q&A over plans for Foxdenton

Date published: 10 December 2013

RESIDENTS and businesses near the Foxdenton development site have been sent personal invitations to a consulation event.

The meeting - next Tuesday at the Kingfisher Community Special School in Foxdenton Lane, will be hosted by Foxdenton LLP, the joint venture between Oldham-based Grasscroft Property and Seddon, the construction company.

A team of experts will offer information and explanations to people with questions about the £100 million business park and homes proposals across the 49 hectare site.


There are currently 17 empty indutrial units on Broadgate & Broadway business Parks not currently occupied just across the road from this proposed industrial development and 1240 empty business premises in Oldham currently not paying business rates as of 09/12/2013.

Both Foxdenton and Saddleworth School are unpopular developments that local people don't support. Yet our supposed representatives are determined they go ahead.

UKIP, unlike the Labour, Liberal and Conservative parties are committed to the introduction of Local Referenda.

@KPLees - how do the Council stop a private land sale for Foxdenton if it doesn't break planning law or regulation? Locals do want a new school in Saddleworth there is just a debate on the location.
How would UKIP offer any different? Absolute nonsense, they can't see past leaving the EU!!!

@KPLees - may I also draw your attention to tonight's paper showing the Government providing funding for the Foxdenton project, not just a local choice then???


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