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2.10 a day to spend on food

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 17 December 2013

OLDHAM MP Michael Meacher has accused the government of creating an “uncivilised society”, in which people spend as little as £2.10 a day on food under the weight of welfare changes.

The amount being spent on food has fallen in the last few months. The Oldham West and Royton MP said: “People cannot be expected to live on £2.10 a day on food I have asked questions of David Cameron and told him more than 750,000 people have had benefits sanctioned and this has left them to starve.

“I am without words, is there no end to this brutality? People will be ill or faint and then they will be in no fit state to work. What is all this for? It is gratuitous cruelty.”

The number of people having no money left each week once bills have been paid is 51 per cent — up from 39 per cent in July. Around 16 per cent more money is being spent on gas and electricity.

Mr Meacher is set to lead a Parliamentary debate when MPs return in January, about the rise of absolute poverty impacting from welfare changes.


Many of these same people smoke and all way find the money for that, So it just makes a mockery of Meacher's £2.10 for food

"There's no money left" is what was written on the note Meacher's colleagues left at the treasury, so where does he expect it to come from?
The Communists have a saying 'he who will not work shall not eat' so there's precedence for those who deserve to be treated this way.
Having said that a quarter of all claimants being sanctioned is plainly too many and it appears to be being used to reduce both costs and the statistics.
People would have jobs but for mass immigration Mr Meacher !

@Flake - and yet it is the current Coalition govt in the last three years who have failed to meet any savings targets and have left working people worse off and driving people to food banks and fuel poverty. In addition this government is increasing welfare spend and failing to hit any immigration reduction targets! Very easy to blame Labour and ignore the failures of current government
@silver surfer - lovely sweeping generalisation there as usual based on no concrete facts

Silver surfer...... dont you think thats a tad stereotypical of you to assume that all those on benefits smoke??????? I do however think that benefits should not be abused. We unfortunately live in a society of non workers and benefits are used as an income rather than an emergency while searching for work. Why should you be able to survive on benefits? the less benefits people get the more they will search for means of income!!!!

And where would Mr Meacher like the money to come from? It certainly won't be taken from Mp's salaries. How about taxing the working person even more Mr Meacher? Its the same old same old from the same old faces, plenty to criticise but no answers themselves.

Maybe benefits could be paid on to a debit style card or via a smartphone app.
One which works for Gas and electric meters,and that utility companies will accept.
Then purchases could be tracked and trended to see where the majority of the money goes.
Most retailers (even cornershops) have the ability to accept a debit card / pin.


Don't stop there, Shawman, how about inserting a bio-chip in all benefit claimants - the easier to track their every move etc.

Shaun, after all the money did belong to the tax payer so maybe they should be entitled to know where it goes? They take several hundred pounds from myself each month and I would love to know exactly where it goes. I will add, by no means would I begrudge the genuine needy of it.
I wonder how many have fainted through malnutrition in the job centre?


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