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Council meeting online

Date published: 17 December 2013

OLDHAMERS can again join in tomorrow’s (Wednesday) full Oldham Council meeting — while staying at home.

The forum will be streamed live on the council’s website at www.oldham.gov.uk from 6pm.

Previous interactive question times have been a success, allowing residents to watch the entire meeting live from connected devices. The meeting will also be broadcast live on Oldham Community Radio (99.7FM).

The meeting council also starts with a 20-minute open session which enables members of the public to put questions directly to Cabinet members.

Residents can submit questions via social media networks Facebook and Twitter, or by email.

Questions must be submitted before 6pm tomorrow by email to localdemocracy@oldham.gov.uk, www.facebook.com/loveoldham, or tweet your question direct to @OldhamQT.


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