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Oldham bottom of area pay league

Date published: 17 December 2013

WORKERS in Oldham earn less each week than anywhere else in Greater Manchester, new figures show.

Those working full time in Oldham West and Royton take home an average £408 a week — almost £80 less than the North-West average, and significantly less than the UK’s £517 average.

Oldham East and Saddleworth residents earn more on average — but still fall short of the North-West’s gross weekly wage of £481.

The information is based on a sample taken from PAYE records and includes only those in full-time employment. Altrincham and Sale West had the highest average wage - £693 a week.


Workers ? Who are these workers? Once they were the people who lived close to you, they shared the same interests and went to similar places. Now your lucky if they speak the same language!
Mass immigration has driven down labour costs and if it weren't for the minimum wage they would be much lower.
No surprise that there is a gulf between the pay of those at the top, and those at the bottom.

Oldham Council states on its website “The average wage rate in Oldham is 16% lower than the UK average, representing a significant cost saving for businesses considering locating in the borough”

@pessimist - why is this so offensive? The UK average includes the South and London areas so its bound to be considerably lower than the full UK average. What's wrong with trying to attract companies from other places via saving costs? There is no mention that the labour here is any lower skilled than the rest of UK. As usual you appear to be misrepresenting and twisting something to meet your own personal, anti council agenda

@Flake - what does immigration have to do with this article? There appears to be a constant theme in your recent posts on an anti "foreigner" agenda.

£408 "take home" is £21,216 a year.

With deductions in the region of 27.5%.

A tiny bit over £27,000 a year.

I would DREAM of getting paid anything NEAR that figure.

As anyone who knows about averages, massive obscene numbers distort the underlying figures.

Imagine 10 workers, 1 on £100,000 and the other 9 on £10,000. That's an "average" of £19,000 of which that number is 190% the wage of 90% involved. Massive distortion.

How about the median figure (much lower and reflective of reality).

Bramble Why do you think Labour have on several occasions apologised for their mad policy of mass immigration if there were no problems with it?

The reality is that more workers chasing fewer job has pushed down pay especially for unskilled jobs.

The amazing thing Bramble is that you don't appear to be able to see any negative consequences to mass immigration !
Why do you think Labour apologised if there was nothing wrong ?

I find the £408 a week take home pay insulting. That as an average wage in Oldham is ridiculous. I imagine the vast majority to be nearer the minimum wage with only a handful earning obscene amounts to hike the figures up. A very misleading report in my opinion.

@Flake - I do see the negative in uncontrolled immigration, my point is that you continually blame Labour and refuse to acknowledge the current Government have not reduced or controlled immigration either in the three years they have had in power. My other issue is that there is absolutely no mention of immigration in this article and yet, like other stories, you are drawn to blame immigration for everything? What does your comment on national immigration have to do with Oldham in general?


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