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24-hour repair pledge on key roads

Date published: 17 December 2013

ROAD repairs are to be given a major overhaul through a new council programme that promises to fix potholes on major routes within 24 hours.

Oldham’s Council Cabinet last night approved a new value-for-money approach to improving key routes around Oldham town centre.

The council has drawn up a list of the borough’s most important roads for inclusion in the repair programme

The plans coincide with the recent purchase of special road repair machines that can tackle larger sections of road faster than other techniques. The “jet patcher” machines have proved effective in tackling potholes.

The 24-hour repair initiative was proposed by council leadear Councillor Jim McMahon to ensure the priority network is maintained to a good standard.

“A-roads and B-roads are very important to residents and visitors. A-roads especially have got to be spot-on. People must understand that we take pride in the town and are serious and professional.”


what a load of hogwash ive seen the repairs to potholes on the A635 greenfield to holmfirth rd and the contractor just stamped the tarmac down with his foot 2 days later it was as bad,serious and professional i dont think so !!!

What about the pedestrians? The pavements on Delph New Road are a disgrace and an accident claim waiting to happen. I have reported it to the council, local councillor and MP, but no one is bothered. Can we have a 24hour service please?

Most of the proposed route have been resurfaced recently the only one that has not is A62 (M60 jct to Manchester boundary ) make your own mind up why that,s on the list? M60 to town centre that dose not need any work A627 chadderton that has thousand spent on it and more to come from the Highways Agency.

hows this gonna work ? there gonna be to busy for the next ten years filling the holes already there !

It's ok short term to fill potholes unfortunately Oldham's roads like many similar Boroughs are in very poor condition and require rebuilding cost in millions so the public should not expect miracles when the Council has very little to spend . Councillors Hibbert & McMahon know this and should be honest and stop spinning a scheme which can't cope with the roads in the state they are in.

Another death on the Linney Lane Zebra Crossing in Shaw. It's a killer and the council's priority is a few potholes.

How many more lives lost are there to be before something is done at this death trap?

What a waste of time and money. Looking at the so called quick fix around where I live it doesn't work--in fact the area becomes more dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists due to the loose gritty stuff that comes out of the so called fixed hole.

Wont be 24hrs if it is raining.... cant or shouldnt be used when too wet(or too icy), heres hoping for a sunny winter

Does this mean that there wont be anymore Speed Humps , or will there be a shortage of Tarmac?

Have the council driven along Chew Valley Road in Greenfield recently?Resurfacing work started in Oct and stopped due to substandard work has caused more pot holes and unsafe driving conditions as the topcoat breaks down.The council aren't going to restart wk til the winter Frost has gone in 2014?? We have been left with no road markings ie sch zigzag lines making it dangerous around the St Marys primary school for children and toddlers alike tying to cross this busy rd. No hope for 24hr fix....

the operators of the rhino machine used to fill in the potholes need to go back and read the instructions.
the first month this machine was used the potholes where repaired correctly.
now all they seem to be blasting in is tar. no aggreagate is being used.

as for recent cheap road resurfacing thats been done around the borough. didnt the council learn its lesson from the similar treatments that havent lasted more than a couple of years!

covering over with tar and chippings just hides problems

Please think of Saddleworth when fixing the pot holes we seem to get forgotten, especially the A62 its a right mess.


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