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Council sizes up Lib-Dem housing plan

Date online: 18 December 2013

Lib-Dems are calling for renewed action to tackle overcrowded and under-occupied local housing.

The opposition group on Oldham Council says children in particular are suffering from overcrowding, and they call for tougher action towards tenants needlessly occupying larger homes.

A motion being put to tonight’s full meeting of the council calls on the authority to promote “right-sizing” in social housing.

Councillors Lynne Thompson and John McCann said more than 5,500 families are in priority need of a home with three or more bedrooms.

They say one priority family in 15 could be rehoused if other people who are “grossly under-occupying social housing at public expense” were moved.

Oldham had until recently an award-winning downsizing scheme which delivered over 200 larger homes Other ideas include creating a hardship fund to meet the rent arrears for tenants who under-occupy council properties but who are actively seeking a move.


Why do the Lib Dems care? all they care about is being in power look at Elwyin Watkins the bitter sore loser & Nick Clegg that did the dirty on his voters to gain power to hand it over to the Tories, thank the Lib Dems for the food banks & the desperation & mess they have help bring the country into, you are now a wasted vote like back in the 1980's that's justice now the people know what you are really like, roll on 2015.


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