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Experts quizzed on 100m development

Date published: 18 December 2013

MORE than 100 residents eager for answers about the proposed Foxdenton development packed into Kingfisher Community Special School last night.

Hosted by Foxdenton LLP, the joint venture between Oldham-based Grasscroft Property and Seddon Construction, the consultation event marked a further chance for concerned locals to quiz experts about the development.

The £100 million outline proposals mean a new business park, 500 homes and a public open space on the 49 hectare site in Chadderton - which local residents have strongly objected to.

Members of the technical team answered questions in more depth than at previous meetings.

Mike Coulter, managing director of Grasscroft Property, said: “We’ve had a steady flow of residents coming along to ask questions and find out more.

“Obviously people have raised issues and have concerns about the development, but we’ve also had quite a few positive responses.

“We’ve been explaining the master plan for the area, how it could work as a residential and industrial site. Hopefully people are leaving with a better understanding of what we are proposing.”


This whole development is unjustified. Quote "raised issues and have concerns", what an understatement; all of Chadderton opposes it

The Council should first look into all of the empty industrial units that are in abundance in and around the town. There is no need whatsoever for any more industrial/business units as there are so many around the town waiting to have tenants. As for housing, surely it would be better to have development along already established roadways or brownfield areas that are established with all the mains services.

@david marsh - how can the council refuse this development if it breaks no planning law or regulation? There are no formal grounds to reject it. The council can not tell private developers where to situate themselves. In addition it is a private land sale so again, how would the council stop this? This land has been earmarked for development for years, it can not suddenly be a surprise that someone wants to build on it!!!


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