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Town-centre trams in six weeks

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 18 December 2013

OLDHAM’S long-awaited town-centre Metrolink line will open on Monday, January 27.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) revealed last month it was hoping to open the line early in the new year, several months ahead of schedule. The new launch date is confimed - subject to possuble weather-hit delays.

The line has four new stops — Westwood, Oldham King Street, Oldham Central and Oldham Mumps — the latter integrating tram and bus services and providing a new, free park-and-ride site for Metrolink passengers.

Connecting the new line to the network will require a week-long closure of the existing section between Central Park and Rochdale Railway Station, scheduled to start on January 18. Details of the accompanying replacement bus services will be provided early in the new year.

When the track and overhead power lines have been connected, final testing will begin and this will be followed immediately by the start of passenger services.

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the TfGM Committee, said: “The arrival of Metrolink in Oldham has already been a huge success story – patronage is already double that of the former rail services — and we’re now in the final stages of completing the next chapter.

“The town-centre line is a cornerstone in the rejuvenation of Oldham and has been the catalyst for some very exciting developments. I only hope the famous Oldham weather is kind enough for us to be able to get everything done in the timescales we’re working to.”


Several months ahead of schedule, are they kidding? It has been almost 5 years since the train line shut. Good luck to the new service, but get the facts straight!

what did i say on here many years ago! the council were foolish to scrap the tunnel under manchester street roundabout. They came up with gradient issues as the reason for it.
utter nonesence. the plans had even been drawn up for it.

now look whats happened. the line isnt even open yet and many accidents have occured. including one with a tram on thursday evening.

the the cheaper ground level finished layout is badly designed and a danger to road users, trams and pedestrians.

epic fail!

I'm wondering why the line has to shut for a week? The over head wires and track seem to be in place and testing is in progress.

So why a 7 day shut down when trams can already turn left onto the new line at Werneth and right into the town centre?

What other work needs to be done?


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