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Girl, 12, dies in crossing horror

Date online: 18 December 2013

A TWELVE-year-old girl was killed and her 11-year-old friend badly injured after being hit by a van on a Milnrow Road, Shaw zebra crossing last night.

The 12-year-old later died in hospital.

The horrific incident follows an inquest last month into the death of a woman in her 60s, hit by a car at the same crossing. The woman’s husband suffered serious injuries.

Yesterday’s accident happened just before 4.30pm.

Both girls were rushed to hospital for treatment to serious injuries, but the older girl’s death as announced just over five hours later

Roads were closed as accident investigators arrived. Crompton Way was closed from the Big Lamp during the evening rush hour. Restrictions were lifted later.

Today the surviving child was said to be badly bruised but expected to recover.

Eyewitnesses said the older girl was trapped under the van after being dragged along the road.

Residents have previously called for a pelican crossing to be erected at what is said to be a notorious accident blackspot. Residents have drawn up a petition on the I Love Shaw website, calling for new safety measures.

The man behind the online petition, pub landlord Tommy Boyce - whose pub overlooks the crossing - said people were devastated by the news. Over 150 people have already signed.

Iltaf Hussain, owner of Taff’s newsagents on Milnrow Road, said: “The little girl was between the bonnet and the wheels. The other girl was lying in the middle of the road. Two or three people were sitting and talking to her. It was a horrible scene; those poor families.”

Last month an inquest heard that Lynn Steele (63) died after being hit by a car as she crossed hand-in-hand with her husband, Raymond (65) in January 2012. Mr Steele was left with life-changing brain injuries. The death was ruled accidental.

Witnesses to yesterday’s accident are asked to call the GMP serious collision investigation unit on 0161 856 4742.


Absolute tragedy. How many more before this council puts proper lights on that crossing, they know the score and have disgracefully abandoned their duty on this particular crossing, over, and over again. No excuses, from them, just sort it out

I posted the comment below on this website on the 17th of January 2012 after the last fatality

"This pedestrian crossing is situated in a ridiculous place. It is located in the centre of two busy junctions with traffic coming from five different directions no wonder it is a notorious accident blackspot. It should have been changed to a pelican crossing a long time ago"

No one in authority seemed to or wanted to listen. Well maybe after this latest tragedy they may just get round to doing so

Condolences to all involved at this time.
Perhaps extended traffic lights at Salts Street/Linney Lane with a no vehicle zone from the zebra crossing to the actual junction with Salts Street/Linney Lane would put to an end this very badly designed junction.

It is so truly tragic, made even more so by the proximity to Xmas, God alone knows what her parents must be going through.
Knowing though that this crossing is so bad why have the council allowed the paint to wear out to the point that it's barely visible in places, and I wonder if that has had a bearing on the accident?
Shaw certainly has had a lot of tragedies over the past couple of years.

after the last incident a pelican crossing should have been installed as a matter of priority....thoughs are with the parents such a sad sad day...........

I think that something really needs doing immedietly at this spot, a young girls lost her life , thaughts are with all the family at this sad time, xx

I cross this zebrea crossing nearly everyday and it is a lottery if the cars stop or not.
Is time for a Pelican Crossing to be installed.

The Belisha Beacon globes are very much a thing of the past and not nearly bright enough against modern lighting background. OMBC Highways would do well to view the LED lights which surround the beacons on Manchester Road,Mossley.

Dunwood Park get's a massive over spend by the council with nothing to show for it, while 200 yards down the road people are dying at a death trap of a zebra crossing.

Shame on Councillor Hibbert and his cronies for getting their priorities all wrong.

wont be a pelican crossing but can see speed cameras being put in place

you can hardly see this crossing on the road,nearly all the paint has worn away.

Condolences to all familys /sad sad news of 2 young girls involved in this tragic accident.besides sun causing last accident,cars dont always stop 3 go past sometimes even if 1 side stopped,yet pelican lights they tend to stop 200 yds up road,only said last week its still dangerous nothing changed i saw local parrish counceler on tv today regarding petition its been dangerous years our parrish people new dangers for years now it may get changed but far far too late .

It is now over 10 years since my last visit to the Shaw rea of Oldham and I recall saying to a friend of mine who lives in High Crompton that the way the road is laid out is an invite to causing serious accidents.
What does it take to come up with money for the safety of pedestrians using that particular crossing.You can bet you life that if some politician were seriously injured crossing there then TRAFFIC LIGHTS would be erected the very next day

These old zebra crossings are not fit for purpose today, they were designed for a different era. They should all be replaced with Pelican Crossings, and hopefully tragedies like this could be averted. My deepest condolences to the young girls family.

Our community has been asking the council for a set of lights for a long time. OMBC please give us a set of lights so that the traffic will have to stop and let us cross safely. I know you say the crossing IS safe but I use it everyday and I can assure you it isn't. Motorists speed past once people have already started to cross and HGV's often can't stop in time. My heart goes out to both the families I can't imagine what they are going through. OMBC PUT THINGS RIGHT BEFORE THIS HAPPENS AGAIN!

All Zebra's should be replaced with Pelicans. I saw a man last night at the crossing on Higginshaw Lane and stopped, the car on the other side nearly didn't!!! Zebra's are badly lit and are unsafe with the amount of traffic today. Not fit for purpose as Mick said. This needs to be sorted out NOW before another needless tradgedy. My thoughts are with the families concerned at this most tragic time.

Comment taken from 27/01/2012,
"The accident prompted local residents to speak out about the dangerous positioning of the crossing at the busy junction.

Fears were raised about the area, where Milnrow Road joins Crompton Way, close to near-by junctions with Salts Street and Linney Lane.

Oldham Council has now moved to assure residents that safety is a priority, but says that action will depend on findings by police.

Councillor Jean Stretton, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: “

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the young girl, absolute tragedy.
We do not know the full facts yet but whatever they are, this crossing is lethal and has been known to be so for quite some time. It has busy junctions within feet on each side, its on a slight bend giving a blind spot to the drivers right hand side travelling towards Shaw and the actual markings are often worn through.

After all the requests made by residents of the area to have at the least a Pelican crossing installed and no action taken, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council and it's representatives should all hang their heads in shame. Hopefully the electorate will let their thoughts be known to you all at the ballot box. My thoughts are with the parents of those two unfortunate children and their families especially at this time of the year.


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