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‘People have been laying flowers and crying their eyes out’

Reporter: Robbie MacDonald
Date online: 19 December 2013

A SHOP owner and father-of-two who witnessed Shaw’s fatal accident on Tuesday has described the zebra crossing as “horrendous”.

Daniel Robinson, (29), runs the Danny Boy Barber shop in Milnrow Road close to Tuesday night’s accident spot.

He said the accident was haunting him - and he supports a petition by residents calling for extra safety measures.

“I’ve got two young children, a boy and girl aged two and four. I can’t begin to imagine what those girls’ families are going through at the moment.

“I was cutting hair when I heard an almighty bang and the sound of screeching brakes. I saw a van had pulled-up 50 yards from the shop. A girl was under the wheels.

“She seemed to have been stuck under the van and dragged along the road. There was screaming, panic and mayhem. People were coming out of their houses to see what had happened.

“An ambulance arrived very quickly and police moved the crowd back. The emergency crews started work but the girl was under the van for 20-25 minutes.

“There are always lots of kids out around 3pm. There are three schools in the area. I’ve only been in this shop for eight months but I’ve seen lots of accidents and incidents at the crossing.”


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