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A community’s horror

Date published: 19 December 2013

TRIBUTES have been made to the families of the young girls involved in the Shaw crossing tragedy by Shaw and Crompton parish councillors.

Councillor Howard Sykes said: “This is extremely devastating for the families, especially at this time of year.

“We must consider the family of the young girl who sadly died, the family of the young girl who has been seriously injured and the driver’s family.

“As you will appreciate matters concerning this tragedy are moving quickly.

“Others will and are planning things to demonstrate our community’s anger about this and to ensure something gets done about it — and quickly.”

Councillor Diane Williamson said: “This will have a huge impact on the school. As a former chair of governors at the school I know that they will offer a lot of pastoral care and support to the children.”

THERE were poignant moments at the annual Oldham Police Division carol service last night — held yards from the scene of Tuesday’s tragedy.
Chief Supt Catherine Hankinson told the service at East Crompton St James’ Church that the horror showed how lives can be changed in a split second.

“We have to feel for all the families concerned. And we do not thank our emergency services enough. They all have families and they have to handle difficult situations every day.’’

Divisional Chaplain, Father Barry Lomax, said Shaw had to deal with more than its fair share of tragedy in recent years and asked for residents to keep the families of the girls in their prayers.

“Only eight sleeps to Christmas and these two children were involved in a major road traffic accident.

“None of us can begin to imagine the despair and distress of the parents and the distress for the emergency services who responded to help,’’ he said


A tragedy for all involved but are the local councillors jumping on a bandwagon. This place has been a accident wating to happen for years but I don't remember any of the councillors haranguing the Borough Council to do something about it.

I attended a meeting in 2012 and heard the elected member say "why should Oldham Council fund Crossing Patrol staff!"

That sums up their attitude towards road safety!

When this eventually does become a "Pelican" crossing (many years late of course) just see how quickly all these over-blown councillors get themselves photographed at "Their" new achievement, in the "Oldhamer" and the "Focus" papers (propoganda sheets actually). Bandwagon politics by a feckess and useless council of any party-represent the people for once


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