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Thousands sign up for safer crossing

Date online: 19 December 2013

A PETITION to install a pelican crossing at the tragic Milnrow Road black spot has already yielded 4,500 signatures.

The former head of Oldham Police traffic unit, Chris Gloster, is determined to have traffic-calming measures on the crossing, at the junction of Milnrow Road and Salt Street.

Mr Gloster hopes to put pressure on Oldham Council to devise a plans to prevent further tragedies.

“We’ve already had a lot of people sign, but we hope to get thousands of new ones in the coming days,” said Chris.

“Our ultimate aim is for the council to come up with a scheme that will stop people being killed or seriously injured. We need to have traffic lights and pedestrian-control measures.”

The petition has been backed by Councillor Howard Sykes, who shares the frustration of residents over the crossing’s safety.

He said: “Local councillors have been asking for this crossing to be made safer and pelican traffic signals be provided for more years than we care to remember.”

The petition is at www.ipetitions.com/petition/install-a-pelican-crossing-on-milnrow-road-shaw.

ONE Shaw resident plans to protest in public this weekend
Danny Shepherd has long campaigned for change and at 11am on Saturday plans to make his demands public: he hopes for a big turnout.

“Something has needed to be done for too long. It’s got so bad that I just want to sit on that zebra crossing until something changes,” he said.

“We think we will get a big turnout and cause some disruption to make people think about what’s going on here. Everything about it smacks of danger. It shouldn’t take a tragedy to force change, but this time we are going to carry it through.”

COUNCIL leader Jim McMahon said a full review will be held into the safety of the crossing.
A minute’s silence was held at last night’s council meeeting before Councillor McMahon announced the council would respond to the concerns of local residents.

The crossing, near Salt Street, had raised concerns among local residents before pensioner Lynn Steele was killed by a car last January.

But Councillor Dave Hibbert said only three incidents had occurred in 14 years — though he admitted council statistics only covered reported incidents.


I wonder if Chris Gloster, ex head of Oldham traffic unit, is aware of the findings made from the last fatality on the crossing. The chron reported the council were awaiting a safety assessment from the Police before deciding if the crossing was safe to use or not. Nothing happened, what was in the report? Was it deemed safe to use?

From the beginning when the by-pass was built in the 1970s the junction has been an accident waiting to happen. Due to ever-increasing traffic volume very little has been done to allay the fears of local people who use it every day. Has the lollipop lady finished for ever? Will a proper set of traffic lights be installed with a "traffic free" zone to the zebra crossing? Can the sharp bends going to Shaw town centre/down Linney Lane be smoothed out? . . .

heart goes to the family and friends at this sad time.

This is insane how many more reviews are needed . Cllr Hibbert one fatality is one to many,how many more do you want Cllr Hibbert before action is taken.

I apologise if I have caused offence to the family's you are and will be in my prayers.

Don't sit on the crossing as that would cause an obstruction. Get an organised group to go back and forth as Pedestrians are not to delay on crossings.

Zebra Crossing reg which refers:-

19. No pedestrian shall remain on the carriageway within the limits of a crossing longer than is necessary for that pedestrian to pass over the crossing with reasonable despatch.


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