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Builder jailed for tax fraud

Date published: 23 December 2013

A SADDLEWORTH man has been jailed for failing to pay almost £75,000 in tax.

Peter Bell (66) of Dalefields, Delph, pleaded guilty to evasion of income tax, concealing criminal property and fraud and was sentenced to 15 months at Manchester Crown Court on Friday.

In July 2012 police raided Bell’s home and found almost £312,000 hidden under a bedroom drawer.

Bell had worked as a builder from the age of 16 and was regularly paid cash-in-hand.

Revenue officers calculated Bell should have paid £74,184 and £18,000 interest in income tax over the 10 years period to 2012.

In 1999 Bell had declared himself a paraplegic after an accident, which led him to claim incapacity benefit. He was back at work by 2001 but failed to tell the authorities. He was paid more than £42,000 in benefit. On his 65th birthday Bell claimed pension credit, claiming he didn’t have savings or investments worth more than £10,000.


What kind of sick country jails a man for avoiding tax while it does absolutely nothing about the huge corporations paying next to nothing in tax, because they can afford clever lawyers and accountants to avoid paying it.
Last year Amazon paid just £2.4Million in tax on £4 billion of sales - no one goes to prison or even comes close, and they're not alone, there are a lot of these companies.
Everyone should pay their fair tax but to attack the poor while leaving the rich is not fair.

he's been convicted of fraud and being a benefit cheat. He needs to be punished. I wouldn't consider him to be poor Flake.

Flake .... they've obviously got an easy target there. Why not just take the monery owed out of the 312k found on the premises and go from there. Starbucks this fellow is not.


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