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Farm-raid terror

Date online: 23 December 2013

POLICE launched a manhunt last night after a farmer used his shotgun to foil a break-in attempt.

The farmer shouted before firing two shots into the air, sending the three intruders running in Platting Road, Lydgate, at 7.20pm..

A police helicopter swept over darkened fields with a powerful searchlight as dog units covered the ground. Patrol vehicles blocked both ends of Platting Road

An officer at the scene said: “We have a controlled situation. There has been a serious incident.”

Platting Road reopened later.

Supt Chris Ullah said: “We would never encourage anyone to take the law into their own hands. However, this farmer clearly felt under threat and took action to defend himself, his family and his property.

“We have not made any arrests but will continue to investigate the circumstances.”

Last week the Chronicle exclusively reported how Saddleworth farmers were on high alert following a series of brutal night-time raids by thieves butchering valuable sheep.


If you don't want to be shot at, don't go trying to rob a farm, simple!

Well done to the farmer, they will think twice on returning.

Fair play to the farmer - if he has legal possession of a firearm, he is on his own land, he felt under threat, then he took appropriate action; as far as I'm aware, there is no offence of discharging a firearm. I would have to ask - if he hadn't done this, how long would it have taken the police to attend? As long as nobody got hurt, let this be a warning the the scum that go around burgling properties!

The farmers use of a shotgun to protect his family and goods is an option that should be available to any law abiding citizen.Well done that man.

well done to the farmer, its about time we should be able to defend yourself, and family plus property. The law always on the side of the ones who break the law


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