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Santa’s little helper!

Date online: 24 December 2013

A KIND-HEARTED 10-year-old girl has made the Christmas wishes of an elderly man come true - after starting a Facebook appeal in his honour.

Little Danni Maguire set up the page earlier this month, asking for donations of food, gifts and Christmas cards for her 79-year-old neighbour John Stoneley.

Danni, a pupil at Mayfield Primary School, then surprised John, who lives alone in Shelley Road, Derker, with two festive care packages.

Her proud dad Paul Stimson said: “Danni really cares for John and was worried about what he would be doing over Christmas with him being all alone.

“He struggles to get out of the house, especially in the winter, and she knows that I drop in on him now and again and pick up some extra shopping for him.

“She decided she wanted to do something to help him so I helped her set up the page on Facebook and from there it has just grown.”

The “Christmas Operation for John” page has seen people from across Oldham donating everything from chocolate selection boxes and cakes to winter-warming soup and hot drinks to make sure John has plenty of festive treats on Christmas Day.

Even more have been trying to show him how much they care by sending Christmas cards to his home, some even arriving at his door all the way from Malta.

“He asked me the other day why he was getting so many Christmas cards through the post from people he didn’t know.” Paul said.

“I told that they were my friends who wanted to wish him a Merry Christmas and it really put a smile on his face.

“I know he is made up with the gifts as it was a real surprise for him.”

Speaking about the donations, he said: “Danni and Paul keep an eye on me every day. I won’t need to go shopping for a while now, thanks to them. It’s great.”


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