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Driversí one-way ticket to Metrolink mayhem

Date published: 30 December 2013

A SERIES of close shaves and blunders has prompted an urgent warning from Metrolink chiefs.

With only five weeks until trams start using the town centre line, there are fears motorists aren’t taking notice of signs and road layouts.

A Chronicle photographer pictured this car - double-parked and facing the wrong way - dangerously close to a tram outside a takeaway in Union Street. A car also collided with a tram on Manchester Street roundabout a week ago.

A Transport for Greater Manchester spokeswoman said drivers need to get up to speed with new permanent traffic regulations in the Union Street area.

Metrolink director Peter Cushing said: “We appreciate that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are getting used to trams sharing the road. When Metrolink is in service, parking and traffic issues may cause delays so it is important all road users observe the permanent traffic arrangements.

Parking restrictions are in place along Union Street while the eastern end has reverted back to two-way traffic between Rhodes Bank and Waterloo Street.


People going to the takeaways on that street wont care that they are in the way of a tram and will certainly disregard any traffic restrictions on there too. Pure Arrogance

Nothing new there then , wherever you go you will find cars illegally parked outside takeaways or double parked outside taxi ranks.I wonder how many people realise its an offense to park against the flow of traffic during the hours between sunset and sunrise , unless in on official parking space.Now that would generate a lot of fines and be a good use of the camera cars.

Where are the traffic wardens, then? Surely the motorists parking so inconsiderately and inconveniencing all law abiding motorists and travellers will soon get the message if they have to pay a fine? Get the wardens on patrol at the hotspots. And maybe all road users around the Union St area could have patience whilst everyone learns to negotiate the new layouts. Happy new year!

The photo clearly shows the registration of this double parked car - what are the Police and traffic wardens going to do about it? Surely it is a parking offence?

Name & shame him / her

Mixing cars with trams is never going to work....it will only lead to more accidents. The people who thought up this scheme should be held to account when it is shown to be a complete flop

There is nothing new there - drivers across Oldham are too ignorant, arrogant or lazy to park away from the take-away and walk.

For me, as long as the council are capturing these "idiots" who park recklessly, then all is well - they'll only argue with a tram once! Unfortunately, a tram can't swerve, so the drivers should be prosecuted and the courts should make an example of them - get the message home!

Unfortunately the Police have ignored the poor standard of driving in Oldham for many years now, especially from private hire and taxi drivers who believe they own the roads.
Our poor excuse for traffic wardens would rather give you a ticket for being 1minute over on your ticket than enforcing poor parking or any parking where someone might challenge they actions. What are the Police going to do about it? Nothing as usual in Oldham.

This town is full of couldn't care less idiots behind the wheel of a car. Drive from Chadderton to Lees and you will certainly run out of fingers and toes, counting the amount of illegally parked cars. Oh and not forgetting the cars with their hazard lights on, parked outside of Barbers shops and grocery shops. The mind doesn't boggle ....

It's good to see all the comments saying there needs to be fines issued and more parking wardens.

However, when this is done, you can expect a tirade or "money making" "fascists" "money grabbers" from those that think they can pick and choose which laws to obey and complain when held to account.

After 6pm you are pretty much allowed to do what you want as the chances of being held to account are zero.

Lool at Lees village each evening/weekend. Taxis parked illegally blocking the road.


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