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Seven-year-old best man has guests in tears

Date published: 30 December 2013

SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Alex Vaughan moved guests to tears with a moving speech at his parents’ wedding - to tell them how much he loved them.

The youngster has fought a tough battle against leukaemia since January - and it was touch and go whether he would be well enough to fill the role.

Alex’s father Luke asked him to be best man because he was his “best friend,” months before doctors discovered the illness. The wedding date gave the family something to focus on.

On the day Alex proudly took his place at his father’s side to hand over the rings as Luke took the wedding vows with Alex’s mother, Kim Cocker.

A hush descended when Alex, who has just returned full-time at Christ Church Primary School, Chadderton, stood at the reception in Preston to give a speech.

His proud mother said: “He wrote it himself and it was amazing. The speech went really well, Alex was so confident, and everyone was crying.”

Alex’s two-year-old brother, Dylan, was guest of honour for the day, and the four were back at home in Chadderton in time for a lovely family Christmas.


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