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Little Millie has a magic home Christmas

Reporter: Marina Berry
Date online: 30 December 2013

BATTLING two-year-old Millie Moran and her family had a joyous Christmas — their first together at home.

The toddler’s unique set of medical conditions kept her in hospital, undergoing many operations, during her short life - until she was finally allowed home in October.

This year her mum Emma Clarke watched her daughter open her presents around her own Christmas tree.

Ecstatic Emma, from Moorside, said: “It was lovely be like any other family. I’ve never experienced Christmas at home with Millie and we had a lovely day.

“She got lots of things including toys, clothes and shoes. She got everything a little girl could wish for.

“She spent some of the day at home, then visited her dad and relatives and had her dinner. We opened more presents at my mum’s house later in the day. I think Millie was a bit overwhelmed.

“When you have a baby the first Christmas is always special. So this was like that for me - a very special Christmas.”

Millie is believed to be the only child in the world with three specific illnesses. She was born with a three3 in-wide gap in her spine and a damaged pancreas.

She has spina bifida, water on the brain and congenital hyperinsulinism, which causes a damaging form of hypoglycaemia, and can lead to brain damage.

In the run-up to Christmas, Millie’s father took her to see Father Christmas for the first time.

“She wasn’t too sure about him though, she was a bit scared,” laughed Emma.

“It’s really exciting to have Millie at home for her first Christmas.”


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