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Leaderís message of hope for town

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 31 December 2013

COUNCIL leader Jim McMahon has spoken about the importance of putting the “heart and soul back into Oldham” in his New Year’s message to the borough.

During his video message, Councillor McMahon described 2013 as an “interesting and challenging year” for Oldham with important changes taking place including the start of regeneration work and the completion of the Metrolink tram lines through the town centre.

He also spoke about the problems residents have faced from the continuing effects of the recession.

Councillor McMahon said: “We know that last year residents were beginning to struggle with the impact of welfare reform, changes to the bedroom tax and council tax localisation.

“There is not a great deal we can do about that as a council other than to help you through these difficult times.”

Councillor McMahon made reference to the council’s recent success after it was praised for its “remarkable transformation” during a comprehensive review by the Local Government Association, something which has spurred the council on in its plans for regeneration.

“There are challenges ahead but we will start to see the fruition of the regeneration projects we laid the foundations for last year,” he said.

“There is still work to do now but I believe we have put Oldham on the right track for redevelopment.”


"other than to help you through these difficult times.”

What exactly does that mean when he also says “There is not a great deal we can do about that" ?

Seems that it's yet another meaningless piece of rhetoric.

McMahon is slowly changing the Oldham motto from "Sapere Aude" to "Sperare Aude" ("Dare to Hope")

Who does he think he is?the Queen.

JMTS, should that not be "Omnis spes est". All hope is gone.

Husting. All hope has been gone for too many Oldhamers for too long. Hence the exhortation to "Dare to hope". Is there something wrong with that?

Over the years the councils of Oldham have ripped the Heart and Soul out of this once great Town Centre. Once again Councillor McMahon pampers to his core voters in his rhetoric and seems to forget that he was responsible for the Council Tax increase.

'On The Right Track'. which track is that.hows Metrolink doing? JMTS.'all hope has been gone for too many Oldhamers for far too long'. Really.whose fault is that? praised by the Local Government Association.as if that's an in house audit?
they asked local Cllrs how Oldham is doing? it's an episode
of The Thick Of It.

McMahon really does have a cheek. Residents struggled with a 3.5% Council Tax rise. He attempted to make political capital out of the benefits changes in his big "if you don't like what we are doing, then leave" speech. People are struggling because of the mess his Government made of the economy! The spare room subsidy redressed the balance of having spare rooms in social housing. Private sector tenants have had to pay for spare rooms under changes made by Labour for several years.

McMahon cannot stand any criticism of anything he does.
Neither he nor local councillors listen to the people.
That is why the Foxdenton Development is being railroaded through against public opinion.
Praise by the LGA is misleading, especially when amongst those interviewed are local councillors.
Under his leadership, it is all smoke and mirrors.
Where is the money for the new cinema coming from?
Perhaps he should start listening to the people rather than those close to him.

He complains about the "bedroom tax" (which isn't a tax. I have a bedroom, I'm not taxed on it. Typical scare smears).

He's a member of the Labour party which refuse to say they will abolish this policy and Debbie Abrahams who couldn't be bothered to vote to abolish it in the house of commons.

Typical soundbyte bandwaggon jumping politicians.

It's why they are all held in such contempt.


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