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Foster couple’s MBE honour

Date published: 31 December 2013

A CARING couple have been named on the New Year honours list for their services to children and families.

Harold and Glenys Cockcroft, of Waterhead, are set to receive MBEs in recognition of fostering more than 150 children over the last 40 years.

Glenys (70) said: “We were shocked and obviously proud. I think we’re stunned even now, I can’t quite believe it. But it’s nice to be appreciated.”

Where children have returned home the couple has kept in touch, offering advice and support when needed, and has gained great satisfaction from moving many children on to adoption.

They have cared for children of all different ages, kept brothers and sisters together and spent many weeks living in hospital to care for children with significant health problems.

They were originally asked to become “aunt and uncle” to children in foster homes, having youngsters round for tea and weekend trips, but instead went straight into fostering.

After eight years they took a break - then started again and continued for 30 years. They first started fostering when their eldest child was only 10 months old.

The pair have two sons and a daughter of their own, and seven grandchildren. - many of whom are now in caring professions.

Harold (72) explained how all children came with problems and had difficulties getting attached to foster parents.

He said: “We had to break through that barrier. It’s hard with some of them, they’re really badly damaged. But we treat them as our own so when they go it’s like one of your own is leaving you. It has been very rewarding.”


The wholly disgraced and disreputable honours system is propped up and kept going by making token awards of lesser honours to people who truly deserve them like these two. However when we see senior public sector apparatchiks receiving honours simply for attaining the position as if it was part of the pay package, then it's time the whole rotten system was scrapped.

Well done them and deserved unlike some of the gongs - for example an honour for delivering the Royal baby (i.e. doing your job)

And for a change an honour that's well deserved. Well done Harold and Glenys !

Real life true champions, well deserved congratulations


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