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Poor attendance shuts dementia day-care centre

Date published: 02 January 2014

A specialist dementia unit in Royton closed its doors on Christmas Eve because of declining attendance.

Highbarn Day Centre — which reopened as a flagship facility in 2011 to offer day care to dementia sufferers and adults with other complex needs - closed and its services relocated to centres in Shaw and Failsworth.

In 2011, Highbarn was hailed as the way forward after being modernised and given a new look.

But Councillor Barbara Brownridge, cabinet member for public health and social care, said despite the council’s efforts the centre was no longer viable.

“The centre had the lowest occupancy out of the three centres and recently provided a day-care service to only nine people. Attendance had only been around 30 per cent all year, so retaining all three facilities is not viable.”


But for those 9 people, their carers and any others in the future it was a lifeline. Shame on Oldham Council.

@woodjackie What part of the word "relocated" do you not understand?

I'd bet that the decline in attendance was due to the knock on effect of benefit cuts to the sufferers and carers.

"I can't touch my toes anymore?!
"That's because we cut your feet off."
"We noticed you no longer use your shoes so we are selling them"

An old joke that is even less funny now.


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