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Tip bows out with a whisper

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 02 January 2014

A controversial landfill site has quietly closed after years of conroversy.

Blustery winds on the last official day of tipping at High Moor, Scouthead, kept delivery lorries off the road and gates firmly locked.

Residents received a welcome New Year pledge from waste-disposal giant Veolia Environmental Services, the tip operators.

“In 2014 the site will move into a restoration phase and we will retain responsibility for its management and maintenance. Vehicle movements will reduce as we work to fulfil the approved restoration scheme.

“We will retain an operating presence on the site to manage the restoration and the landfill gas to energy network will be maintained.”

Waste lorries that once beat an almost daily convoy to the site have ceased — though tankers will still siphon leachate from the 400ft deep tip.


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