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Out, but not down

Date published: 06 January 2014

BRAVE Latics couldn’t manage a repeat of their FA Cup heroics against Liverpool yesterday - but fans were anything but down and out at Anfield yesterday.

From the kick-off, the travelling throng of almost 6,000 made their presence felt, outsinging the home fans throughout the third-round tie.

The volume was cranked up after 45 minutes, with the League One strugglers holding the Premier League giants 0-0 at half time.

And though the away supporters’ bar was awash with positive feelings at the break, it didn’t take too long for the millionaire superstars to assert their authority in the second half.

While the result was a lot different from last year - when Oldham toppled Liverpool 3-2 at Boundary Park - the fans’ mood was far from downbeat as they sent the team off with a standing ovation.


it was a great day out .

Be intresting to see how many of the 6000 turn up at BP next game...

@Chron13. Probably not that many - should we start making a very long list of reasons why that is!

Couldn't agree more with your comments by chron 13 they only turn out for cup matches and then have got the cheek to say I've supported oldham all my life, well get there on Saturday. If you lot came to all the home matches we would be a better club with more money to spend. I wouldn't mind betting half of those who bought a silver brick for new stand don't come every week.


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