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McMahon’s plea to stamp out electoral fraud

Reporter: Robbie MacDonald
Date online: 09 January 2014

THE leader of Oldham Council has made an impassioned call for voters to report suspected election fraud.

His call follows a new report highlighting Oldham as one of 16 boroughs “highly susceptible” to polling complaints.

Councillor McMahon was responding to a new report from the Electoral Commission which made suggestions for tighter practices to stop ballot-rigging and restore trust at election time.

The Electoral Commission said areas with Pakistani and Bangladeshi populations are “particularly susceptible” to complaints of electoral fraud.

The report said it was essential for council electoral registration officers, returning officers and police forces to put measures in place in time for May’s European elections.

Councillor McMahon said: “If a councillor has been elected through fraud they hold no democratic legitimacy. The one-person, one-vote system was hard fought for over generations. Using ballot papers as a commodity which can be traded is an attack on the very thing we fight to defend and will not be tolerated.

“If we receive any allegations of this type, we immediately report them to the police so they can be investigated thoroughly. We would always encourage anyone with information regarding suspected electoral fraud or irregularities to report concerns to us or the police.”

Greater Manchester Police declined to comment in detail about the Electoral Commission’s recommendations or elections in Oldham. But Oldham Supt Catherine Hankinson said: “We have a robust policing operation in respect of local and national elections and this will continue into the future in partnership with the local authority and elected members.”


Mr Mcmahon's Labour Party introduced widespread postal voting. There was no need for the expansion for postal voting. There wasn't a massive increase in voters unable to get to polling stations. But the communities "susceptible" to electoral fraud are those Labour expects support from at election time. So postal voting was introduced.
The postal voting system needs to be reverted back to it's pre-Labour form to make elections honest again. I wouldn't trust the Labour Party to do this.

crocodile tears! If any of us report electoral fraud the council will look first at racism and other political correct nonsense.

Nearly all the fraud detected and prosecuted has been of the ridiculous postal vote system brought in by Labour, and it has been mainly Labour candidates who have been the beneficiaries of this fraud, with the odd Lib Dem thrown in.
Not a chance of the system being changed to make it more robust though, our politicians crave the legitimacy of mass turnouts which are falling as rapidly as our confidence in them.

I'd laugh if this wasn't so serious.

Year after year after year we hear how "we will not tolerate fraud", "we will come down hard on this"

And every year nothing actually changes, no prosecutions, no real investigations.

"areas with Pakistani and Bangladeshi populations are “particularly susceptible” to complaints of electoral fraud." Why? Why is this the case?

Here's a bet, in the next year there will be NO prosecutions for electoral fraud in Oldham.

I hope I'm wrong.

I suggest he reiterates this firm message to all his Party Colleagues and activists in Coldhurst, Werneth, Alexandra, St Mary's, Waterhead, St James, Chadderton North and Shaw.

@What the heck has "political correctness" got to do with this? Have you ever reported any and had it not been dealt with on the grounds you say. Stop creating unsustainable myths.

Scrap postal voting except for the bed-bound then and ban party/community workers from collecting the envelopes - make it so that a family member or the registered carer (named on the slip) posts it through the mail system. It's postal voting that is where the vat bulk of the fraud takes place and sadly it has to be said that most of that is taking place within the asian communities and it also has to be said that by and large it's Labour and the Lib Dems who
profit from it


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