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Itís none of your business

Date published: 15 January 2014

SADDLEWORTH Parish Councillor Alan Roughley sparked a storm in Monday’s Chronicle when he decried the spread of luxury gated communities he called “prisons for the well off”.

Mr Roughley believes gated hamlets cut residents off from the local community - and do little to promote close ties in the villages.

Are those living on gated estates less friendly - or simple financially fortunate enough to be able to make the choice? Are these types of developments anti-social or aspirational? Is it anyone’s business but the householder’s?

Here’s a selection of your views:

THE last time I checked it is still a free country and people can do as they wish in respect of housing. It has nothing to do with the community spirit of Saddleworth, it is the mobile gangs of criminals who target isolated dwellings, safe in the knowledge that they do not face a sanction if caught. It’s a pity that the councillors do not devote their efforts and energy to making Oldham a safer place to live.


COUNCILLOR Roughley should mind his own business.


WE live in a fearful society with criminals lurking in the shadows. If I had the chance to live in a gated community I would jump at it, knowing that I had extra security around my property. They are not locking themselves behind iron gates, they are locking the would-be criminals out. To say “these people” don’t use local services is a ridiculous comment. Can you prove it Mr Roughley? Let people get on with their lives.


GOOD luck to the residents. I would do it if I could afford it — keep the undesirables out. I don’t feel it is a case of living fearful, but an added measure of security. As for them not using local pubs, churches, shops etc. I would love to know how many of the top earners of the council live in the borough and how much they contribute to the local economy.


IF I was lucky enough to have one of those homes I would have gates too. Does not mean I won’t be a community person. What has the gates got to do with anyone else? If you want to protect your house from the scum in society then so be it.


SURELY there are a million other pressing issues that need the attention of local councillors rather than where people choose to live? Sums up how out of touch Saddleworth councillors are if this is a major issue on their agendas!


HOW does ‘super-sleuth’ Alan Roughley know that these people don’t ‘seem’ to use local facilities if he has never seen them? Come into the real world and get out more. Residents all over the borough have lived more peacefully since our terraced house communities have had gates installed. It works — and people’s choices regarding their property have nothing to do with anyone else.


I SUPPOSE I shouldn’t be surprised at a Lib-Dem councillor who instead of finding out why people feel the need for gates, instead attacks them! I have gates on my property. Should I throw them away to allow the criminals easier access? The only difference is that it’s one gate for several houses.


CAN’T say I blame the people in these gated communities for wanting to live in such a way. At the very least they should be protected from the usual detritus — namely that curious creature that is called the local councillor who seems to turn up on your doorstep every three years asking for your vote.



One might say that the Oldham Chron readers have handled him roughly.

I assume Mr Roughley locks his front door at night, in which case he agrees with the principle of securing his home, and can't really blame others for wanting to secure theirs.

i would have a gated property if i could afford it.Bramble.
spot on.what planet does he live on?

Maybe he should be locked away behind closed gates, then it would save us all from hearing his incoherent and outdated ramblings.

Cllr. Roughley has been too clever for his own good. He tried to be populist, like all LibDems always do, but he has seriously misjudged the public mood. He, no doubt, at the local public meetings encourages residents to take precautions against the possibility of burglary. Knightbf has hit the nail on the head, double standards when he thinks that there is political capital to be made. A period of silence is good advice.

If this 'dinosaur', who is obviously so out of touch with the real world, is the best that Saddleworth Parish Council can have to represent them, then it says a lot about the people who voted him in !! They could change the name to the Darby & Joan Parish Council...


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