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Help for girl injured in crossing tragedy

Date online: 16 January 2014

AN emotional mum whose daughter was badly injured when a van killed her 12-year-old pal, has revealed the life-changing effects on her own family - and the heart-warming help she has received from well-wishers.

Diana Kucuk-Guzel’s 11-year-old daughter Shofie was left with serious injuries and in need of a wheelchair after the Milnrow Road, Shaw accident in which Annalise Holt died..

When the chair she received was unsatisfactory, Diana was put in touch with Millercare manager Tara Doyle, who provided a new chair and waterproof poncho to protect Shofie from the rain.

Diana said: “Tara has been fantastic. She has given us a lot of help and made things easier at a very difficult time.”

Tara said modestly: “The chair they had wasn’t good enough — it was the wrong size and had broken brakes, so I said I would lend her a more suitable one. After everything they have gone through the least I can do is offer them all the help and support possible.”

Shofie’s physical injuries aren’t permanent, but she and her family have struggled to cope with the emotional strain of the tragedy.

Diana added: “It’s completely life-changing. It’s never going to be the same again. The trauma is unimaginable. It’s not so much the physical effects but the mental and emotional strain — as a family we can’t use the crossing anymore.”


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