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Eyesore Assembly Hall demolished

Date online: 17 January 2014

A BUILDING described as the “carbuncle of Royton” has been demolished as a kick-start to ambitious £22.5 million regeneration plans.

Royton Assembly Hall has stood vacant for more than a decade and has long been the source of complaints from residents.

But a partnership between Oldham Council and Dransfield Properties is set to bring a full revamp to the district centre, with a new supermarket, refurbishment of the town hall and library and improvements to the weekly market, car parking and precinct.

Demolition has started on the assembly hall — which will become the new retail core for the town.

This first phase of the development, which will take place on part of the former Royton Health Centre demolished in late 2013, is set to bring a new health centre, pharmacy and shops.

A second phase, due next year, includes a 50,000 sq ft food store and petrol station, and a 320-space car park and children’s play centre.

Royton Councillor Steve Bashforth (pictured) said: “Demolishing the assembly hall has been a long time coming and in some ways it is sad to see it go but it is a blot on the landscape, the carbuncle of Royton.

“We are hoping the regeneration work will encourage businesses to invest in Royton and make people want to live here.”


3 questions to our great man Dave
What was this hall sold for at a discount
What was it bought back for
What was the cost of demolition
Taxpayers money once again blown away by bungling leaders
The people who 1st bought this hall left vacated for years
Will be laughing all the way to the bank
Thanks dave

Find it really great that an assembly hall is being replaced by a supermarket and a petrol station, culturally speaking this is a massive step forward.

Great news - one plea ... for the new health centre
not to be the depressing blue colour as at Moorside ?!


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