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Professor jailed for drink-drive crash

Date published: 17 January 2014

A SPRINGHEAD professor has been jailed for 16 months following a drink-drive crash.

Paul Bailey (56) of Stonebreaks Road, drank wine at a barbecue at the University of Huddersfield before getting behind the wheel of his Citroen last June, Leeds Crown Court heard.

A blood test later showed he was almost three times over the legal limit.

The research fellow crashed head on with another motorist in Manchester Road, Marsden, after swerving over the central white lines several times.

On a bend he veered over the white lines at up to 60mph and hit the offside pavement, then careered head-on into a Honda car, trapping 49-year-old driver Christopher Parr inside.

Mr Parr was freed by fire crews then airlifted to Leeds General Infirmary, where he spent a week on a trauma ward with seven fractured ribs, a fractured breast bone, a broken shinbone and ligament damage to his knee.

Mark Fireman, defending, said Bailey had planned to spend the night with a friend in Huddersfield and had no memory of the crash.

Bailey, who was also disqualified from driving for five years, pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving and driving over the prescribed limit.


The only way to keep our roads safe is to lock these people up for a couple of years and NEVER give them there licence back. Public transport only for them. He was lucky he didn’t kill anyone.

A ban doesn't stop most of them now any way , they just drive unlicensed and uninsured . There is to little respect for the justice system these days and most judges seem to be from a different planet than the rest of use .

Fitton Hill a woman has just escaped a prison sentence for being part of a gang which tortured a man, in the most inhuman ways imaginable, and you think it's appropriate to jail drink drivers?
At a time when the poor are being starved to death and food banks are necessary, you seriously believe it's sane to spend £120K plus the loss of income tax.
Then you have to build all these extra taxes and as we know from Chadderton people don't want them on their doorstep.

Flake: The two cases you mention are not at all comparable. You also fail to reveal that the men who committed the horrible torture in that case were rightly jailed for several years. Perhaps if you knew somebody, family or child, that has been left bereft and devastated by the loss of a loved one, killed or maimed by an idiot who thinks it okay to drive whilst intoxicated you might think again. Drink driving is a selfish and potetially lethal crime which should be severely punished.

You never mentioned or differentiated between drink drivers who killed and those slightly over who have not had an accident.
Those who do kill or maim are sent to prison, but are you happy half of sex offenders are not sent to prison simply because there isn't space for them?
£60K pa to keep someone in prison for a year, perhaps extra taxes from those who want this could be raised to pay for it? I think there wouldn't be many takers then !

Flake: This man was THREE times over the limit not 'just slghtly over'. His potential to kill and maim was massively increased by that amount of alcohol. And in regards to the cost of imprisonment; justice and punishment should not be made on that basis. However, the cost does include keeping prison officers and many other allied service personnel in work, so in some ways that's quite good really.

"why don't they have an express service from Oldham to Manchester,once or twice an hour ???
It's a lot quicker on the train from greenfield to Manchester"
By saddleworth squire

I agree 100% been really disappointed in how slow the tram is by time I have factored in getting too a tram stop may as well stay on the bus which. An express service which misses out a few less frequently used stops say the ones next door to the city like monsall or central park would be welcome


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