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Officer, you’ve got my car keys

Date published: 20 January 2014

POLICE have apologised to a young motorist who was left stranded at a busy roundabout after officers drove off with his car keys.

Mohammed Hoque (20) was with friends in a high-performance car when they were pulled over by a police van at the roundabout linking the A62 Manchester Road and Hollins Road, Hollinwood, near the M60.

An officer conducting a routine stop “snatched” the car keys and later drove away with them.

Mohammed Ahmed (22), who was with the group, criticised Greater Manchester Police for the officers’ unusual behaviour.

Mr Ahmed (22), from Hurst Street, Oldham, said: “The police van came from behind and stopped us. An officer came out, put his hand through the open window and helped himself to the keys. He grabbed them and said ‘you won’t be needing these for now’.

“I asked him why he’d taken the keys because it was cold outside and the car windows were down — but he didn’t respond.

“He then took details from the driver. My friend asked why he had been pulled over and the officer said he wanted to check we were insured.

“We asked if they did this to every driver. He took a few more details and went back into the van. After five minutes he came back, took some more details and went back to the van.

“I saw the officer smirking and sinking into his seat in the police van. Then, all of a sudden, the van set off, still with the car keys.

“I called the police on 101 and explained what had happened. The police van was out of view for 8-10 minutes. We had no keys and the car windows were locked open. We couldn’t drive it or leave it.

“When the police van returned, the officer just came to the window and passed back the car keys. He didn’t bother getting out. He said ‘ha ha, where are you going to go without your car keys?’ They’d taken our keys for no reason and never apologised.

“We switched drivers because the first driver was fed up after being stopped. The police then stopped us again to ask if the second driver was insured.

“I’ve been pulled over before. It happens when we’re in cars the police think we shouldn’t be driving.

I want the police inspectors to speak to this officer. Do these guys just think they can stop people and take their keys?”

Mr Ahmed, a dental technology graduate, and Mr Hoque, who works for a family business, were in a VW Golf R32 with friends.

Chief Inspector Andrew Harty said: “Mr Ahmed’s complaint has been fully looked into. The stop was routine and the keys removed as a precaution. The taking of the keys was a genuine mistake. As soon as this was realised the officers returned and handed them back.

“The car was stopped a second time because another person was seen driving the vehicle and during their initial checks the officers were not informed that anyone else was insured to drive it.

“Once this was verified the group went on their way.

The officers have apologised for inadvertently taking the keys and I have passed this apology on to Mr Ahmed. I absolutely refute any suggestion the car was deliberately targeted.”


I've been stopped by the Police in such highly unusual circumstances that other drivers stopped to offer themselves as witnesses if charges were brought.
There's nothing usual about this particular stop 20 year old kid driving a car in insurance group 18, especially given operation Caminada a stop is no surprise.
Neither are the thinly veiled implications that race was an issue in this stop.

Yet another account of the sheer unaccountability of the police.

Glad to see police doing their job properly.

*Not sure if the narrative is trolling or just stupid*

Either the motorist in question is fabricating events (possibly for malicious purposes) or the attending officers were indeed demonstrating highly-unprofessional behaviour.

You can bet your life there was more to this story than meets the eye! The Police officer was only doing his job by stopping a young lad who arose his suspicion driving such a high performance car. Being stopped a second time to check the other driver was insured was also the officer doing his job properly to protect the public from a possible uninsured driver.
As said a genuine mistake taking the keys.

OK the police officer accidentally went off with the keys. However, he then returned them very shortly.

It really does seem this is another "let's complain to the press about anything" story.

I was once stopped when driving because, having just bought a fresh car, I went though a police radar which showed up my number as not being registered. However, the paperwork was still being processed and hadn't gone through the system. At least I knew they were being alert and didn't mind them checking.

'Thou Dumber', no one ever has an issue with routine stop checks on drivers, but when the police officers are anything but routine, it leaves a lot more questions than answers in what their agenda actually is. Yet again, like Oldham Watcher has mentioned, no accountability of the police!

The police don't need to stop a car to check if it's insured. They can run the licence through the national computer database in real time and know immediately the car has valid tax/MOT/insurance. The reasons the car was stopped are pretty obvious, lets hope race isn't a factor but hey ho you wouldn't be surprised. As for the keys? Definitely a deliberate "I'll show you" act. The police need to be re-educated about the notion of Public Service.

Mandinka....The Police can indeed check that it is insured/taxed/MOT'd immediately on the national computer database, but the Police Officer can't know without stopping the car whether the person driving it was the same person who was on the national computer database can he?...so therefore he has to speak to the driver!....You seem anti Police saying it's obvious why it was stopped and saying they took the keys deliberately. People having a go at Police except when they might need them one day!

Mandinka: You are quite correct the police databases will advise you if a car has insurance, tax and MoT, but what these databases will not do is advise you of who is driving the car, therefore, the driver has no option but to stop the car to establish if the driver is insured to drive the car.

Believe it or not, some people are actually tempted to take a car without the owners permission!

Mandinka what utter nonsense. The Police can check if the vehicle is insured etc but how are they to know who is actually driving it? Yet again the Race card is thrown in for good measure, I find that deplorable.
The cars been stopped for a spot check, the officer drives off unaware he still has the keys, its not a newsworthy article in my opinion.

You don't have to be genius to understand why they were stopped.
I have been stopped by the so called "police" and given the third degree for no other reason than being asian. I am employed in the education sector. I am always asked what my occupation is and when i tell them, they smirk and say now tell was your real occupation. I have complained but as usual noting comes of it.

Well Mandinka I think you've shown us just why we should disregard the meaningless word 'racism' which is thrown around at every opportunity by the cultural Marxists.
Other people have pointed out that the Police cannot know who the driver is, and just because a car is taxed tested & insured, it doesn't mean it hasn't been stolen !

Officers, thanks for your comments. Sorry to point out the obvious BUT the car was not reported stolen. Are we really to believe that police randomly stop cars to ask drivers if it's stolen? Apart from being inefficient it just sounds like defensive nonsense. And no I'm not "anti-police" but on the rare occasion I have had to call them, they invariably take hours to arrive with a "not a lot we can do" attitude. Like the fire service watching your house burn down but giving you a fire number!

So Iceage, Police often stop you, ask if you are employed and then smirk when you tell them you are in the education sector? Really? Why would you be asked about your employment status regarding a traffic stop?
I really do not buy into any of this Racism with the Police in Oldham.

Congratulations, Flake. You have reached this month's target of 100 mentions of the term 'Marxist'. Your prize of a months supply of hot-air is winging its way to you as we speak.

To all the idiots who are siding with the police in this incident- normal procedures involve the officer going back to the stopped vehicle to tell them that either 1- they are insured and free to go or 2- told to exit the vehicle for the recovery truck because its uninsured. In this case the police did neither and drove off. Use your brain before commenting logic-less rubbish.

Mandinka..from your comments of the Police failing to arrive for hours and the saying 'they have a not a lot we can do attitude'and your following sentence you clearly do have an attitude yourself against the police..it's clear to see.Many people besides myself have put you right on the stopping the car ie the Police officer'DOES NOT KNOW' whether the driver of the car is the same person as named on the National Computer Database without stopping the car and speaking with the driver Comprehend?

Yes they have done it twice Timberwolf.
It's up to you what you believe but anyone with a decent memory will remember the dispatches program shown around 1999 where they secretly videoed many Police constables training using blatantly racist and offensive language, most were posted in Oldham.

I was once stopped for a back light not working, which is fair enough however the issue was, the first pc gave me a ticket to fix the light and get stamped by the garage (cost probably £10 max), the 2nd pc came over and said give him a fixed penalty which was £60. I asked them that obviously I will report that to their sergeant, to which they laughed. I also pointed out the fact that the police van they were also had the same problem, to which they said we are the law pal.

Don't know how many times you've been stopped Timberwolf.
I have been stopped several times for no reason other than being asian I believe. I have been driving for 15 years with a clear licence. Yes everytime I have been stopped (about 15 times)the officers have always asked for my occupation, presume its standard practice but on a few occassions they laughed at me implying I am either a taxi driver or a take away employee, pure racism in my eyes.

Oldhamer91....Who are you to call others on here 'idiots'.....You also seem to have an attitude against the Police or authority judging by your sharp comments in defending the lads who were stopped......they were also stopped for a second time by the same officers because they had 'swapped' drivers!!!!.....Do you think they might have done this to wind the police up?....Why else would they do it?....I would rather believe the Police than 2 or more young lads who were aggrieved at being stopped!

Skay, oh dear, oh dear. "I would rather believe the Police than 2 or more young lads who were aggrieved at being stopped!" What about a cabinet minister?

I would like to say that I have nothing but praise for the police of oldham. They do a tough job with little back up from the public or the bosses..keep up the good work officers...

It does make you wonder if the lads stopped started giving lip and talking back to the Police. You see it all the time on TV documentaries! I used to get stopped quite often when I was younger when finishing work at 3:30 am and driving home with blacked out windows and loud exhaust. The Police did the spot check sometimes gave me a 'Producer' and off I went. But I never gave any lip or answered back. It was called respect. Many youths today don't seem to posses it!

Plus I was glad to know that if my car had just been stolen, there was a good chance of it being stopped and the driver questioned.

I was stopped yesterday, by an Asian officer. Funnily enough I don't think he stopped me because I was white. The cops have done nothing wrong here other than make a mistake. It was reasonable to take the keys from them to prevent them driving off, a mistake not to give them back, which was quickly rectified. Get a life you anti police moaners, you see these young lads racing round in high powered cars every day, do you expect the police to ignore them because they are As different race, creed o


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