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Sit up and take note!

Date published: 21 January 2014

MAHDLO has smashed a wacky world record - for the most people doing simultaneous sit-ups.

A total of 369 participants packed into the Egerton Street youth zone’s sports hall with schools, Mahdlo patrons and even Latics mascot Chaddy the Owl taking part.

Oldham Mayor, Councillor John Hudson, and Chf Supt Catherine Hankinson, were also on hand to count each participant as they took up position on the floor.

Everyone involved had to complete full sit-ups continuously for a minute to beat the record and claim a spot in the history books.

The attempt, which will be officially verified at a later date, was also an inventive way to mark a new partnership with leading education provider Commando Joes, which will be visiting schools around Oldham and promoting the youth zone.

Schools taking part in the challenge were Heys Primary, St Anne’s Royton, Alexandra Park, Holy Cross, Stoneleigh, St Joseph’s and Fir Bank.


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