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19m transport cuts will hit jobs and services

Date online: 22 January 2014

FUNDING for transport in Greater Manchester will be slashed by £19 million over the next two years.

Transport chiefs say they are facing “unprecedented pressures.”

Children, commuters and the disabled will all fall victim to the cuts as Transport for Greater Manchester’s budget was frozen despite spiralling costs of services.

The cuts, announced at a budget briefing yesterday, mean that the 2014/15 budget will be £20 million less than it was in 2007/8.

It will slash £7.1 million from the general bus network, school buses and the Metroshuttle, while another £700,000 will be cut from the Ring and Ride service for disabled and elderly people.

Around £8.2 million will be slashed from operational costs, meaning 20 per cent of posts will go — on top of the 15 per cent of jobs already cut.

A voluntary severance scheme is underway and vacant posts will not be filled with compulsory redundancies not ruled out.

The budget will be considered for approval by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority at the end of January.


Budget to be reduced so the first thing to be mentioned is cuts to Children's and the disabled services. It is heard so often that the guilt complex does not work anymore. When are we going to get someone to stand up and look to making cuts elsewhere whilst protecting these important services?

Meanwhile Firstbus, Stagecoach and Arriva make massicve profits

Well that should show you JMTS, when the private sector can make it pay & the public can't the solution is to privatise what's left!

@flake The private sector "makes it pay" by running services only where and when it will make a profit rather than running it as a public service meeting genuine needs. eg evening services to the peri-urban fringe; the very services which are supported by public subsidy and will evaporate with these cuts.

short memory JMTS. which government allowed these companies to make massive profits and yet run only the services they want to run?

@fedupO. The the answer is Thathcher's when it deregulated. And yes, I am disappointed that the last Government went no further than voluntary quality partnerships. It doesn't change the fact that these cuts will ht the socially necessary extensions to the services that leave the fat cats rolling in it.


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