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Woman hurt in hit-run crash

Date published: 22 January 2014

A motorist failed to stop after a crash in Royton last night left a woman passenger in another car with multiple injuries.

The accident happened at 7.50pm in Broadway, near the Elk Mill roundabout. The woman, travelling in a black Chevrolet, suffered chest and upper spine injuries and had to be freed before being taken to hospital. The male driver was checked by ambulance crews but didn’t need treatment.

The other vehicle was a black Mercedes, which police are now trying to trace.


Surely this vehicle must have some pretty substantial damage to have caused such injuries, I'm surprised it managed to be driven away.

There are too many cars on the road, i think there should be an increase in fuel duty to keep more cars off the road, put the fuel duty to £3.00 a litre to keep these idiots off the road, i would not mind paying the extra fuel duty for my Range Rover to ensure myself & my family are safe.

Saddleworths's Worst, what an idiotic statement, how about the workers like myself ( in my diesel Astra )who travel a round trip of 40 mile a day to work and back. Do you think cars are only for the rich only. That statement is not only snobbish but disrespectful.
FLAKE, do you think he may have been a drunk driver and didn’t want to be caught because he may be jailed.......oh no he could have stopped because these type of people haven’t committed a big enough crime for that to happen.


I was the driver who's mum had to be rushed to hospital the hit and run driver who hit us ran off. The merc top of the range 80k wasn't drivable also so they arnt looking for the car it was there when the police arrived and ambulance and fire service who had to rip what was left of my car to get her out I spent a night in hospital but went home the next day

Are you being real ? How on earth is making fuel duty £3.00 a litre going to keep your family safe ! Are you suggesting that only people with money drive safely ??

@Saddleworth's Finest:
You could always lead by example and give up your Range Rover?

Saddleworths Finest are you for real or is it some sort of strange sarcasm? Are you saying all poor people are idiots who cant drive and so only the rich should drive? Flake, i was thinking exactly the same thing as you, surely a mangled black merc shouldnt be hard to trace.

@Saddleworth's(un)Finest - I do hope your comment is meant as a joke? Why brandish the majority of good drivers by the actions of a minority? Are you suggesting only poor people are bad drivers so by forcing them off the road by making it unaffordable is the answer? In my experience the worst drivers are people in expensive cars who think they own the roads. P.S why on earth mention what vehicle you drive????

Just because you can afford £3 a litre to drive around in your "RANGE ROVER" not everybody can afford it.

Saddleworth, Are you one of the Range Rover owners who I often see who are obese and sat in your fine vehicle with a mobile jammed to your ear, disregarding the fact that, said fine vehicle will have Bluetooth as standard. Have taken lots of pics of said morons who's only reason for this action is , LOOK AT ME.


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