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New £8m leisure centre vision for Royton

Date online: 22 January 2014

ARTIST’S impressions of Royton’s new leisure centre have been released.

Council chiefs say the £8million centre will provide a “lasting Olympic legacy”.

A planning application for the building — to be built opposite the existing centre in Byron Street — is due to be submitted at the end of February.

There will be a six-lane, 25m swimming pool with spectator seating, a separate learner pool, an 80-station gym, two exercise/dance studios and a new, 60-space car park.

The current Royton Sports Centre will not close until the new facility is complete — thought to be around autumn 2015.

Basic specifications were approved in March 2012, but council officers were then asked to consider the mix of facilities and how these might provide a lasting Olympic legacy.

Oldham Council leader Jim McMahon said: “A huge step towards the regeneration of Royton is just round the corner. This stunning facility will complement the work already taking place in Royton district centre.

Detailed displays showing the design for the new leisure centre, which will serve the Royton, Shaw and Crompton areas — will be on show in the existing Royton sports centre, and at Crompton pool and Royton library from the start of February.


Anyone at Oldham council remember Shaw? Royton appears to be first choice for Oldham council, new health centre, new shopping precinct and now the new sports centre.

Will it have a diving pool after all diving was part of the Olympics

This is going to put Royton on the Map. I cannot wait to sell my house 10yrs from now. Kerching !

"You cannot be serious " ... not another depressing BLUE building in a traditionally RED brick town !
Has anyone involved in development control in Oldham Council got even a basic sense of the importance of respecting vernacular architecture & materials ... if new developments are to blend - rather than stick out like a sore thumb ?
Also, not a flat roof in rainy Royton -
a pitched roof, with windows so as to see the sky,
with solar panels to cut the carbon footprint & bills ?

when will oldham get a better main town sports centre proposal that is worthy of the "olympics legacy" that these council chiefs keep going on about.

oldham has been a great area for the uk's swimming talent. to carry on doing this an olympic sized 50m pool and diving pool will give oldhams future talent the chance they deserve.

whats currently on the tables be just another 25m pool!

oldhams got plenty of these already.

come on ombc. set the bar and then aim higher than that

Thats not a leisure centre, it's a swedish furniture store :-)

What have I been saying for ages, Royton gets all, Shaw gets, need I say It.

Ha! Ha!....OMBCworker you're spot on there!... and as already been said on here,fancy putting a flat roof on it with the weather we get in Oldham....after about 5 to 10 years they will be putting a pitched roof on because of all the leaks....unbelievable

Without fail...love reading some of the comments by some of the sad people of Oldham who see the bad and negative in everything. Come on those who see the glass half full, get commenting, anyone would think comments by this set of miserable sods is the majority, it aint!

Put your politcial allegencies behind you, stop politicising everything the town tries to do and talk your town up!

Its about time some money was spent on Derker. Seems that the councillors have their favourite wards. Derker is still a mess due to the fact the council knocked houses down to regenerate and have hardly touched it. Also the roads in Derker resemble something from a 3rd world country. If you value your suspension I wouldn't risk it unless you have no choice like myself!

eddie, oldham since the 1960's has been badly let down with countless half hearted attempts of redevelopment.

one thing oldham is excellent at producing is swimming talent.

so why when the chance of a new pool are the council selling our future talents short (quite litrally) with only a 25m pool and no diving pool.

those who train at oldham pool have always said that they should have built a 50m pool instead of the current 33m pool.

history is set to repeat itself!

oldham doesnt improve!

@fedupoldhamer - why have you stayed for so long then if its so bad?


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