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Waste-oil plant protest

Reporter: Iram Ramzan
Date online: 23 January 2014

Residents have spoken of their outrage about plans for a waste-oil recycling plant near their homes — which they discovered only days before planning consultation was due to end.

Locals moved swiftly to collect 140 signatures on a petition against the development on Green Lane, Failsworth before consulatation ended yesterday. They fear traffic problems and bad smells from such a plant.

The development, from KS Oil Factors Ltd, will process waste cooking oil from local restaurants. The resulting product will be used in bio-fuels.

Shirley Moutassem (56), of Rose Hey Lane, who started the petition, said: “I was really upset because I wasn’t informed. They kept it really quiet.”

The area around Green Lane is industrial and as a result only a handful of local businesses were told of the plan.

But Ms Moutassem added: “It’s near enough to us — nearer than they’re making out. There’s already a problem because of the sewage works, it’ll be worse with the smell of the oil.”

If the proposals are approved, the company will erect eight huge tanks, with a total capacity of 290 tonnes - to hold and treat waste oil. The first delivery would be of around 20 tonnes of waste oil.

One business owner claimed people weren’t adequately informed of the proposal, despite Oldham Council putting a notice on a lamp-post next to the site.

He said: “Nobody has seen the note at all. If they don’t put up a notice that’s clear, and don’t notify the people being affected, there won’t be a response. What were they thinking to not publicise something that would have a major impact on the area?”

Kevin Smith, of KS Oil Factors, said: “I don’t think it’s within any residential vicinity. Properties are a distance away, I’m surprised there are any concerns.”

Mr Smith went on to explain how he believes that the half-a-million pound development would benefit Oldham.

“We’re bringing this treatment from Wales to the UK. It’s better suited here for expansion, it’s closer to the motorway network. We feel Oldham is going to be at the forefront for green energy and recycling.”


I'm not surprised they kept it quite, the smell and noise will terrible.

Makes you wonder when you read about NIMBYs like this if there's any point in bringing jobs to Oldham. It doesn't matter what the development is, there's always someone to oppose it on of - well they don't actually know why they're opposed to it, but it might smell, and it might cause some extra traffic!
This oil smells like a chip shop! It isn't some hazardous old sump oil.
Hopefully this will be dismissed at any planning hearing as it should be.

Flake maybe then they should build it next to your house and you could even work there -what a great opportunity! I would not want to live in an area constantly smelling like a deep fat fryer I don't blame the residents objecting this place should not be near residential dwellings.

I thought this was a cooperative Council, every one in the area should have the chance to express thier view on this.while futur employment is welcome in Oldham let not exclude people's views. If these folks are worried ask their Counciller to up it to the planing committee and ask to address the committee

Once again FLAKE your comment is all wrong, NIMBYS...ha, I certainly would NOT want THAT plant near my house. Trucks all through the night depositing waste oil to smell all year round. You wouldn’t want it next to yours, I WOULD guarantee it. There are plenty of more suitable sites away from residential housing. Also how much of the valve of your house would be wiped off and who would buy it knowing you can’t sit in your garden without the smell of chips in the air.

Andiewin, the point is that it isn't being built next to anyone's house, it's being built on an industrial estate where there is a sewage farm, and I haven't noticed any complaints about that !
Please provide the evidence you have that this plant is going to be 'constantly smelling like a deep fat fryer' Because I don't think you have any, and your shouting before you're hurt!

It will be on an existing site and, presumably, the application fully conforms with all planning requirements. Was the site in existence before the residents moved in to their homes? If so, they have few grounds for complaint.


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