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Translation firmís £46,000 penalties

Date published: 24 January 2014

A SADDLEWORTH company paid to provide court interpreters has been hit with thousands of pounds in fines and penalties by judges and government officials over poor performance.

The Ministry of Justice withheld £46,139 of payments to Capita over the performance of Delph-based Capita Translation and Interpreting between May 2012 and November 2013 — the maximum possible.

Judges filed 11 wasted cost orders against the company, totalling £7,229, to cover the bill to taxpayers caused by interpreters failing to turn up, the National Audit Office said.

The company was founded as Applied Language Solutions 10 years ago by local businessman Gavin Wheeldon, but bought by professional services firm Capita in December 2011 for £7.5 million.

In mid-2011 ALS won the contract to provide court translators across England from 2012, but staff shortages meant trials were disrupted.

The company has made progress since MPs accused it of causing ‘’total chaos’’ in 2012 but it is still not meeting its target to fulfil 98 per cent of bookings, the NAO said.


Anyone who cannot speak the native language should have to fund their own interpreters. They will already be in receipt of legal aid.

Sick of hearing about how much money is thrown at things like this.

The firm was fine before Capita moved in. Not for nothing are they know as CRAPITA. They are responsible for loads of failed IT projects at national level and have stung the country for millions in "written-off" costs.

So, ProDriver, anyone who doesn't speak the lingo is potentially deprived of legal representation and therefore recourse to law?


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