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Parking, but not riding...

Date published: 24 January 2014

Oldham Council has launched a zero-tolerance policy on selfish drivers ahead of Oldham’s new town-centre tramline launch on Monday. RICHARD HOOTON reports on a problem the council is keen to nip in the bud...
A CCTV enforcement car and camera patrolled Union Street for 12 days between December 23 and January 11, issuing 44 fines of £70.

Despite the visible presence — which usually discourages such behaviour — the problem has actually worsened as we approach Metrolink launch day: 98 tickets were handed out in the FIVE days from January 13.

The vast majority of motorists ticketed stopped to make evening visits to fast-food shops, typically ignoring the 30-minute free parking in Union Street bays and other nearby spots.

Drivers park on the footpath, block tram routes or park on double-yellow lines or mount kerbs.

Councillor Shoab Akhtar said: “We knew the new traffic arrangements might cause some early problems on Union Street as people got used to them - but we’re well beyond that now. This could potentially cause very big problems when Metrolink is up and running.

“When the tram service is operational this kind of parking can easily block its route and cause serious delays.

“Do we really want to see trams backed up because someone has parked over tram lines, or so close to the tracks that a tram can’t safely pass?

“We make no apologies for taking a zero-tolerance stance on this and I’m sure the vast majority of the public and town-centre businesses are behind us.”

Transport for Greater Manchester wrote to residents and businesses along the route with a ‘Looking out for your safety’ leaflet aimed at passengers, pedestrians and drivers.


Whilst I applaud the zero tolerance approach to parking I must ask why the metrolink is being afforded these resources at the expense of safety outside our boroughs schools where dangerous parking goes unchallenged.

A nice little earner.

Cllr Akhtar is utterly deluded if he thinks the vast majority of the public are behind him on this or Metrolink as a project.

Selfish Drivers? What about a selfish council that has foisted this White Elephant upon us. There was ZERO wrong with the trains

just tow the idiots away!!!

Easy solution. Fit the trams with Bull Bars and let the trams push them aside. Simple.

Quite right too!

I walked along Union Street at lunch time and a tram on test tooted at a car parked too close to the tram lines. As far as I saw, the tram was there several minutes and I didn't see a driver move the car - too busy getting his kebab and chips from the take away! There'll be problems when passengers have to wait for the takeaway customers to move before their journeys can continue. Hope fines imposed on these selfish drivers are pursued.

Fit snow ploughs to the front of the tram. That way ANYTHING that is stupid enough to be in the way will easily be moved.

Why is anyone surprised? These selfish drivers always did park on double yellows, here and anywhere else they felt like and got away with it. They probably don't see why they should change their bad habits. I agree with many of the comments above.

Inevitable, two main roads in Oldham Town Centre and none of them very wide, one of them is now to all intents and purposes a train line. Never mind though it's purpose is to show off Oldham Councils buildings which is why it skirts the traditional retail centre around High St/Yorkshire St. Yorkshire St now has another charity shop in the old Walmsley's furniture store, a YMCA directly opposite Dr Kershaws in the old Demolition store. We are Regenerated.

good work,how about doing the same thing on lees rd and waterloo st ?

A shame that only London can use the double red lines which mean no stopping (never mind parking) at any time !

How much does a camera car cost and has this one earnt enough money to buy a second one yet?

I was getting off a bus in Middleton Road outside a chipshop where there are double yellow lines. A large van was parked there while the driver was getting his food. The bus driver had to stop in the midle of the road and completely stopped all traffic during the evening rush hour. There is plenty of parking space nearby, but the driver was too lazy to walk a few yards.
So this isn't just bad behaviour on Union Street, it is happening all over the borough all of the time.

@Flash The enforcement vehicle does indeed attend schools, I have seen them about, due to ignorant parents parking their high powered German cars on double yellowe lines whilst waiting for their kids and then driving 300 yards home !?!?!

I agree with all comments here. More importantly though, 12 days of enforcement just on Union Street generated 3080 pounds worth of fines. Just imagine how much would be generated if these vehicles scoured all of Oldham for the law breakers.

It's a problem which should have been sorted way before the day when it's a major problem, but like so many issues the public sector doesn't seem able to think ahead and then panics when it's too late and there's a problem.
It's not as is this suddenly happened, the route was known years in advance and yet it seems the council didn't know (or turned a blind eye) what was going on.

Flake, you and too many other contributors are so predictable. Everything has to be blamed on the council.
If anybody is turning a blind eye to what is going on it is the motorists who are deliberately defying the law. When the council imposes parking restrictions and fines offenders, you and your co-conspirators accuse it of terrorising motorists and treating them as cash cows. Now you are saying that they are doing it too late.
Nothing is ever right for you lot.

Dave from chadderton, we know that there are problem areas but like Waterloo street the council turns a blind eye because of politically correct reasons. Other areas like Uppermill or Dovestones do not have such problem parking but the wardens descend like crows.
You need to start thinking a little more - parking on some yellow lines is a lot worse than on others.


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