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Mum killed, tot survives in road horror

Reporter: Karen Doherty
Date online: 27 January 2014

A young mum died but her baby son had a miracle escape when a car crashed close to the Elk Mill junction early on Saturday morning.

Young mum Georgia Taylor died when her silver Mini Cooper rolled over, ploughed into trees and burst into flames on the A627(M) shortly before 9am.

Passing motorists stopped to put out the blaze.

Mrs Taylor’s 13-month-old son Rory was in the back seat and escaped with cuts and bruises. Ms Taylor from North Yorkshire, known to her friends as George, was cut free from the car and rushed to Wythenshawe Hospital, but died on Saturday night from serious head and neck injuries.

Police Sergeant Paul Higgins, from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: “This is an absolute tragedy. would ask anyone who may have been driving along the A627(M) near to Elk Mill and witnessed the collision to call us on 0161-856 4742.”


proper shocking news.

A tragic death, but it's not the first if memory serves. I seem to remember another youngster dying on this stretch of road not so long ago, again in a single vehicle accident where he lost control. Coincidence or a problem with the road?

Given how many cars, trucks and whatever else has wheels use that stretch of road, I don't think it is an issue with the road somehow.


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