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Fast track to the future

Date online: 28 January 2014

CROWDS packed on to the new Oldham Mumps Metrolink platform for the official opening of the new town centre tramline yesterday.

Members of Oldham Council and representatives of Transport for Greater Manchester were ready with giant Metrolink scissors to cut the yellow ribbon as a tram pulled into the station.

Despite rain, wind and even hailstones, the official opening was celebrated with plenty of smiling faces and music by five local musicians.

The official opening follows years of disruption and traffic chaos as engineering work on the new line brought Oldham Town Centre almost to a standstill.

Mayor of Oldham Councillor John Hudson had the pleasure of welcoming the trams to Oldham and said: “It has been a long time coming but it is fantastic to see the trams now officially underway.

“People keep focusing on how it means people will be able to come into Oldham but it is not just about that.

“The Metrolink provides a modern, clean and comfortable form of transportation to take Oldhamers into work, see their relatives and come into the town.

“It is just what the people of this Metropolitan Borough deserve and I know it will make a difference.”


It didn't take too long,

Metrolink's website 28/01/14 at 14:16

"Due to an earlier incident at Oldham Central, we are currently experiencing minor delays on the East Didsbury - Rochdale Railway Station line. We are sorry for any delay to your journey."

Still plenty of moaners about who wanteed to continue travelling on Northern Rail's 25 year old trains that used to screech over Mumps bridge. Have these moaners not noticed there is a new bus tram interchange at the new Mumps station. Previously to get to and fro from the Mumps bus station you had to go via the grotty underpass near. the old B&Q store. Move on you people we have a modern comfortable 21st century tram system. In 2016 it will be a direct service to Manchester Airport

I watched the minor incident at Oldham central from my office window.
A car had parked inconsiderately at the side of the road and the tram couldn't get past for at least 10 minutes.

The squealing trains are due for replacement. 25 years may seem, but in railway terms it isn't. The inter city 125 is now 30 to 35 years old & some rolling stock over 50. Plans are being made to replace the 25 year old trains, partly by the northern hub electrification. Oldham could have been a part of that with connected to a national train network with national through ticketing.

So much for 'Zero tolerance'???

And don't tell us, @stockdale carina, it was clearly the tram's fault that the car driver chose to park there. The car driver had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Gladys, I hope you are not planning to go to the airport on holiday via Metrolink?
If you read it's conditions of carriage, you'll see you are not allowed to transport large items i.e. suitcases on the trams. They are not built to store them in a safe manner.
Also banned are ordinary dogs, non folding bikes & motorised mobility scooters. All of which you could have taken on the train from Mumps, and two out of three from any station on the loop.

Tow them away immediately - no questions, no second chances! That's zero tolerance! Then make them pay to get their cars back!

Interchange looks good from the by pass but have they built any public conveniences for the travelers long ride from Rochdale to East Didsbury there were always some at mumps bus and train stations.

Sorry Gladys but the moaners wanted to go the other way via train and not to the airport via tram and there is a heck of a difference between a train and a tram.


There is no sign on a Metrolink tram to say you can't take luggage. (Except one that says don't leave it by the driver's door)

A the tram has always gone to Manchester's main rail terminal there would have been a terrible stink years ago if luggage wasn't allowed.

can't see people using the tram to the airport from Oldham, trains go every 10 minuets or so from Piccadilly station (come 2015 trains from Victoria will go to the airport) and take no more than 15 minuets where as the tram goes via Wythenshawe


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