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Heavy rain leads to more flooding - after 410,000 revamp

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 29 January 2014

Extreme weather brought water flooding back to the notoriously waterlogged Churchill playing fields between Greenfield and Uppermill.

Diggle FC boss Richard Devy said: “There has just been a big revamp with a new drainage system but certain parts are susceptible to getting heavily under water. We’re still in a bedding-in period with the new system.

“Contractors still have some work to carry out in certain areas but I don’t think it will ever be 100 per cent.”

Changes included excavation and the installation of new drains, pitch levelling, cultivation and seeding.

A new hard-standing “grasscrete” parking area space for a grass running track, a permanent 100-metre sprint track and new long-jump pit were also built.

Uppermill FC manager Simon Tait said the drainage system is working well - but a high river level caused by the rain has restricted its functionality.

He said: “It’s a shame we’re unable to play as regularly as we would like, but it’s all down to the terrible weather. The excessive rain has raised the level of the river and the drains can’t disperse it.

“We are very happy with the new system and once the weather eases off, things will get back to normal.”

Councillor Barbara Beeley, chair of the Saddleworth and Lees District Executive, said it was important to keep working towards rectifying the problems at the site.

She said: “I know people have raised concerns it’s not quite right. We will continue to address these concerns, though I’d ask residents to bear with us. The pitches aren’t yet ideal, but teething problems with something of this scale are normal.”


They will never alleviate the water problems on Churchill Fields due to the fact it's a flood plain.

It has always flooded after heavy rain and always will no matter how much money they throw at it.

What a classic from Councillor Beeley "The pitches aren't yet ideal" ! Well only if she intends to grow rice for the local foodbank.

They were warned against this by professional engineers during a high profile campaign. People should now be made accountable for the mess it is in.

@gladys That's a good idea.

Councillor Beeley has been saying that for years. It has been like that for more than 40 years and still not right has what you do has it stands will not work. The parish council only have to get the report which was done by the old Saddleworth Council do has it says raise the fields to above the water level as that report said, but no the no better, Councillor Beeley will not make a comment when she does its the same one.

The council should have stopped the rain.


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