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Grieving husband wants answers to wife’s tragic death

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 30 January 2014

THE husband of a Shaw teacher who died hours after her unborn child has raised serious concerns over the chain of events that led to the tragedy.

Matt Moston believes the way his wife Cath’s case was handled could have contributed to her death.

Cath (35) was taken to Royal Oldham Hospital after earlier becoming unwell at Middleton Technology School, where she was head of science. Doctors were unable to save her. The baby girl she carried had died hours before.

Devastated husband Matt has raised concerns over what happened on the day of Cath’s death and an inquest is provisionally set for May to further investigate the claims.

Cath had a family history of miscarriage and Matt was worried this hadn’t been flagged when she first complained of pains: “Cath’s pregnancy was high risk, as there was a history of complications during pregnancy in her family. I can’t believe the hospital didn’t check her records, because I would assume they have access.”

He added: “The ambulance took over half an hour and we felt it should have arrived quicker.”

Cath, who was still working, had a sudden stomach pain at school on January 8. She went home to rest but the pain worsened and she was advised to go to hospital. By this time she couldn’t move, so her father phoned an ambulance. Cath stopped breathing on the way but was revived.

When the family arrived at hospital, they heard the unborn baby had died hours earlier.

At 5pm Cath died from a ruptured placenta, internal bleeding and cardiac arrest.