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Latics sign striker Stead

Date published: 01 February 2014

LATICS have signed striker Jon Stead on a month's loan from Huddersfield Town and he goes straight into the squad for today's game at Swindon - weather permitting. The 30-year front man has made a dozen appearances for the Championship side this season, scoring once. He has also had spells at Blackburn, Sunderland, Derby, Sheffield United, Ipswich, Bristol City and Coventry.


The one thing Latics really need is a striker yet the best they can do is sign this guy on a months loan!.......and he has scored 1 goal in 12 outings, yet seems to have travelled more than Billy Smarts Circus!.....Disgraceful.

What good is signing Jon Stead on a one months loan what a waste of time. Oldham have got a reserve side, if these players are not good enough to step up to the first team why do we have a reserve team of players, pointless!!

Fantastic signing has not hit a barn door on a regular basis for years hence another journeyman, and I am now starting to question Lee Johnsons ability and judgement

Skay/Mason/Oldham Scotland......read your comments on Sunday evening.....laughed out loud. I really can't fathom out what you expect or who you expect to bring in? Should we spend money we haven't got? My opinion and I am no expert, we need a target man to hold the ball and if Stead can do that and bring in other players then extend his contract...if he can't, then send him back after a month.
Oh...Skay...we won on Saturday so that is a positive but I'm sure you can put a negative spin on that!

6 points out of 9. It's a good job Johnson doesn't listen to the clowns from Billy Smarts Circus that regularly post on here!

Hold on, some of you on here were asking for a big guy up front who could hold the ball up. LJ signs one and what do some people do......moan!

It gives us another option up front, let's give the new players a chance before condemning them.

Should be here for 3 months all being well apparently, nearly scored on Saturday and set up the winner, who do you suggest we sign? Van Persie or somebody! For god's sake stop moaning, how can we compete when other teams in our league are spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on players. Great signing in my view.

Once again the know it alls have a good old whinge ! Oh by the way was it Stead who contributed to Grounds winner ? Think you need to stop making yourselves look daft and keep it zipped if nothing positive to say !

Well said mikeejh45....If they would care to look at the Swindon footage they would see that for the short time Stead was on he almost scored with a header and was heavily involved with the goal.He may not be the best but has a far better record than what we have at present.Worth a punt.


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