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Doreen crowned a diamond helper

Date online: 03 February 2014

A SELFLESS great-grandma who devotes her time to helping others has been crowned a “Diamond Champion” by the Duchess of Cornwall.

Doreen Smith of Abbeyhills Road, Alt, was one of only two people from the north chosen from over 2,000 entries.

The 82 year old learned the ancient art of Reiki to help soothe her late husband Clifford when he developed dementia. When he died in 2007, she continued to practise to help members of Oldham Carers’ Group relax.

Doreen, who herself battled back from pneumonia and a stroke in 2008, volunteers at the carers group every Tuesday and at Oldham Stroke Association every Wednesday.

The Diamond Champion scheme is run by the Royal Voluntary Service and aims to celebrate the contribution over-60s make through volunteering.

Doreen was invited to a reception at London’ Lancaster House, hosted by fellow Oldhamer Phillip Schofield and the duchess.


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